Serenity here and I've been on Gaia since 2005 on other avis. I'm Canadian-born and enjoy playing games, writing and reading a good book. I will always be a zOMG addict, and was often found in Gold Beach before people started going to DMS on a regular basis. I am now found usually in VH or Towns 2 hanging out with friends. Note to the drama queens and beggars: if you're only here to ask for donations or cause drama, I will not play your childish games. Have a nice day...

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The city lies there
all forlorn,
darkened to the outside.
There is not a light in sight.
The waves
lap against the beaches
of the oceans that surround her.
There is not a sound to be heard
except for the
bugs that chatter about.

The city stands here
forever dark,
with nobody who even cares.
It is a forgotten place.
The hearts
beat in solitude alone,
the hearts of a forgotten race.
Nobody cares that they are there.
The outside world has shunned them.
They dwell in a darkened city,
a forgotten city,
a city that was once our home.

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    my gaia daughter



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Crimson Blood Cosplayer

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Crimson Blood Cosplayer

Nothing? why? xD
~one of Sanji's abilities is cloud hopping~
Undesirable Freak

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Undesirable Freak

how's your day my dear
Undesirable Freak

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Undesirable Freak

hi dear emotion_bigheart
Crimson Blood Cosplayer

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Crimson Blood Cosplayer

~jumps around in the air~ biggrin
Sifen Yamishi

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Sifen Yamishi

heart heart
Sifen Yamishi

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Sifen Yamishi

Thanks! whee
Red RoseWitchling

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Red RoseWitchling

Hey Serenity how are you? smile heart
Sifen Yamishi

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Sifen Yamishi

shiro sombra

Report | 05/12/2015 9:07 am

shiro sombra

_YOU'RE THE BEST, SISSY!!!!!_ heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

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hey you, im great and you?


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