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Lake HyIia Report | 11/30/2015 10:54 pm
Lake HyIia
For some reason I had this really weird dream the other night that u had like 5 kids
and for some reason they were all great artists and they were asking about art prices lmao
i've had some pretty random dreams before but . . .
Plaid Pantys Report | 11/30/2015 8:06 am
Plaid Pantys
I literally JUST got online from vacation. I sent you a reply as soon as I logged in.
Jakke_Jarkson Report | 11/15/2015 11:51 am
Thank you for purchasing! heart heart heart
The Abominable Zee Report | 11/14/2015 9:23 am
The Abominable Zee
Dang that's one pretty avi right thurr.
* w *
Oh, please do. I'll be waiting for it!
The Abominable Zee Report | 11/14/2015 9:10 am
The Abominable Zee
Oh goodness. That's a lot of submissions and still so early into the contest. @.@
I feel like I wanna join but I still can't color to save my life lol.
So I'll just cheer madly for you on the sideline.
Can you please give me the link to your post?
Pretty please?
The Abominable Zee Report | 11/14/2015 6:38 am
The Abominable Zee
Gib link so Zee can stalk you please! ; u ;
The Abominable Zee Report | 11/14/2015 4:01 am
The Abominable Zee
Idk I haven't been there, actually.
I thought it was kinda like the arena? surprised
The Abominable Zee Report | 11/14/2015 3:26 am
The Abominable Zee
Perfect! Be sure to give me the link then so I can vote for you, dear emotion_bigheart

It's getting pretty awkward because I can barely add people from my old account.

Like 99% of them didn't get or we just didn't talk at all. @.@
The Abominable Zee Report | 11/14/2015 3:09 am
The Abominable Zee
*snuggles back*
I had to. Issues. neutral
But I see your avi is still as fabulous as ever. emotion_bigheart
The Abominable Zee Report | 11/14/2015 3:03 am
The Abominable Zee
Panda-chaaaan! *tackleglomps* Sssh. x3

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