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Name: Jessica, but I go by: Strawberry, Berry, Naeri, Sky, Fake not Fake Blonde Chia Pet, Uke (for Steve and Ace), or Evil Panda Overlord (EPO)(to the lovely people at the Arms Wide Open Charity).
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Status: Happily Married
Occupation: Stay at home mom and wife.
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, swimming, listening to music, playing the clarinet, writing, and playing video games. (I'd add Quidditch to this list but I'm still convincing my husband to let me set up a pitch in the back yard.)
Other: I'm a really cool, and mellow person unless you give me a reason to dislike you. Yes, I'm an advent gifter but I don't like beggers, and I usually gift to my friends, or those I've gotten to know and really like. I don't accept random friend requests for the simple fact that I only friend ladies (super jealous husband) same with PMs. I'm also very perverted/flirty and a bit crazy. I am a hugger and have very strong stalker tendencies.

My wonderful husband and I <33

Always looking for couple art!
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