About Me:
Okay so somehow you managed to stumble upon my profile. Yes, that picture of Miku is me irl. :/
Alright, I admit, my profile sucks. But I'm far too lazy to care right now, there are too many profiles and about 99% of them either don't work, or suck. So I gave up and just put the only one I could find.
I don't even have comments anymore because I'm that prosauce.

Anyways, about me. Hm. Well, I'm 18 years old, female. I'm around average height, with black, blue, and bleach blonde hair. A lot of my time is spent gaming with my boyfriend. I've played lots of different games from shooters to MMO's, I don't really watch any movies because I get bored of them and they're predictable. I'm going into Animation 2D/3D in college because I can.

So my best noob/friend isKayla. Hated her in elementary school for some reason, but somehow in french class one day we became friends, and have been close ever since! She's awesome, and I love talking to/with her. Wish she gamed more, or played better games but oh well. xD! I moved half across Canada a year or two ago, and I miss her like crazy. I plan to visit, just gotta find the time..~

My boyfriend is awesome. He's my geeky gamer. He's the type of man who builds me a kitchen in a day and makes me dinner in it. He'd do anything for me, and I love him. We live together currently and he's in college. Even though he's really stressed out from his work we somehow still have time to cuddle and be all in love and whatever. I like his glasses. <3 xD!



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Your avatar is adorable.

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Hi, I was wondering if you wanted to rp?
Simply Believe

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Simply Believe

Your avatar...
User Image
- Kiwii Condom

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- Kiwii Condom

You're twenty one years old young lady. Not eighteen. I'm going to remind you every day soon until you change it. emotion_bigheart

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loadιng reѕponѕe ғroм ene...!
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Hello there!~ I stumbled across a post of yours in a topic in CB and saw in your signature that you had a Youtube video channel that had League of Legends streaming videos on it, so I checked it out! I really enjoyed watching a few of your videos and plan to check out more soon! I subscribed to you, so I hope to see more quality videos! My friend also liked the videos of yours that I showed him. c:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

connecτed • dιѕconnecτed • Ȇ̂͗̇̎̈́͏͚̣̯̥̖̫͙͉R̴̝̦̝̙̀ͫ̚R̨̧͆̊̐̐̐ͫ̐̈ͪ͘ͅO̶̺͔̠͖̲͖͔̣͙̓̃͌ͥ͡R͇̮͍̬ͧ̚ 》
Challenger Smurf

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Challenger Smurf

it was awesome cool cool
ty for askin
Heroic Rain

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Heroic Rain

I love you ~
I stalked u hehe
Zombie STOCK

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Zombie STOCK


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"my profile sucks" lol
I was wondering what your ranges are on fullbody artwork
- Kiwii Condom

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- Kiwii Condom

Hate to burst your bubble but you're not 18 anymore ya noob. You're 20. Durdurdurdur.


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