Hello, I'm Noffy.

I used to be on WG(Word games) forum a lot , people know me as Rarurie. But I went on hiatus for 2 years , things changed a lot , I've changed a lot , too. I've become more open , they say if there's something good in you, express it, share it with everyone. And so I did.

My English is weak, and weaker it will become, since I have lesser and lesser chances to use it. Also, I take lesser interests in things that most kid interests in , such as movies, series, cartoons , now even games. It happened to me since I was a kid, this makes it difficult to find something in common with people. But hey, I want to talk to you, yes , you *points at the screen* It's always nice to have someone to talk to ! And I can talk to you in, well , let's say 'just about everything' ! (Don't forget that I also have google as a friend ! Haha, that's a bit awkward to say) Really, almost everything , got a nice anime ? Wanna RP ? What's up ? And so on !

I may not be on here often, but please feel free to shoot me a PM :3 It's always nice to talk to you, yes , you!

And one last thing , have a nice day emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif