Name: Kayla

Ocupation: School...

Hobbies: Guilds gaia hanging out with people and my all time favorite ROLEPLAYING!!!

Age: 16

In a Relationship:yes

Status: Nuuu! >P<

Favorite Movies: unknown

Friendly: Depends on if i like you or not.

Donate: Rarely but sometimes

Random: Yes. Very. twisted

Cool: You tell me

Rich: on gaia yes kinda in rl nooo

Favorite Song:GI Beatles

Favorite Artist: B.A.P.

Do i Bite: If you look good wink

Should You Fear me: Dont Piss Me Off and we will be good ^.^

Fun: I can be

Do i love you: Depends

Do i like presents: Dont feel like you have to get me one ever...

Am i a party Animal: Only when im high off my a** which is rarely anymore i dont like it that much tastes weird and i hate getting the munchies

Am i a guy: no really im not

For any other questions contact me!


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Stormy's Journal

i like to talk about what im going through and poems lol so have fun reading o and comment whether or not you like the poems!


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ControI AIt Delete

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ControI AIt Delete

By the way, Nice profile I really like it. Looks so amazing! 3nodding
ControI AIt Delete

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ControI AIt Delete

Thank you for your purchase! biggrin

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Hey there. I'm so sorry about the late reply on the request of making a profile as I did for my sister, I don't check my other account often. While I would love to make you a profile, my two kids don't give me much free time to do much of anything productive. However, if I happen to become more available, I'll see if I can make something for you if you'd like? Nonetheless, thank you for your interest!

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happy birthday xd
Fashionably Late Bloomer

Report | 02/15/2014 3:55 am

Fashionably Late Bloomer

Thank you redface
Yours looks like an elegant assassin heart
Hiro Izo

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Hiro Izo

Thanks for buying

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Thank you for your purchase.

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Thank you for the donation heart
Azure Ageha

Report | 12/23/2013 4:35 pm

Azure Ageha

Oh, it's night at your place, right? Btw, how's your audtition going?
Azure Ageha

Report | 12/23/2013 3:20 pm

Azure Ageha

Hello, Stormy! How're you?^^


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