I Hello there!
    A little bit about myself-
    I'm a grill. I was an IB student in high school, graduated May 2015. I like playing League of Legends, even though I suck at it. My summoner name is "Serenitea", currently Gold IV. Feel free to add me. I don't really like playing ranked though, mostly spam ARAMs. Lel. Otherwise, I just play on the rift with my buddies. ALSO.. Pokemon is love, pokemon is life. My favorite pokemon is Milotic.
    JUST SO THE WORLD KNOWS: I have the best boyfriend in the world. <3

    Other account is Instaham.
    It's my main.
    But I can't leave dis one. ;o


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Lusty Monster Report | 08/08/2016 11:07 am
Lusty Monster
Thanks for buying!
Whotasy Report | 07/24/2016 5:08 pm
Mine. emotion_bigheart
Kitana Hiki Report | 07/14/2016 8:12 pm
Kitana Hiki
I thought I recognize another avi style that was similar to yours.....XD And then I realize it was your other account!
milkyteabunnie Report | 05/07/2016 7:32 am
aws so soon?
hope you have a good day at work ^^
i'm ok getting my stuff ready to move out
milkyteabunnie Report | 05/06/2016 7:51 pm
how are you? :3
milkyteabunnie Report | 05/05/2016 6:52 pm
hello :3
Fyurial-L Report | 04/27/2016 4:09 pm
hey how are you also thanks for accepting my friend request i hope we be good friend
Dia Kurosawa Report | 02/23/2016 3:48 pm
Dia Kurosawa
Thanks for the buy! heart yum_cupcake I play league aswell!
milkyteabunnie Report | 02/01/2016 7:22 pm
it was busy but not too busy
i guess i could say it was just right blaugh
yay!!! that's always fun hehe
what are you listening to?
mhm 3nodding
milkyteabunnie Report | 02/01/2016 6:56 pm
i'm good just got home from work
ijust relaxing now hehe :3
how about you? 3nodding