The name's Stoic. I've been using this nick for about 8 years now. If you're my friend and you don't know what it means, well, look it up! Or if you already know what it means, hello there. :3

I have joined Gaia since July '03, yes, back when halos and bear hats were released. Too bad I never got myself any. ^^;

You can catch me hanging out/lurking in Towns/AT mostly these days. For friends who occasionally drop me gifts, I thank you sincerely. <3

Oh did I mention I paint too? Here's my website. :3


Special thanks to:
Anela Vesir for her super-duper generous bid on my boxers auction! orz orz <33 @_@
Anoni for being such an awesome and wonderful friend! ;_; <33
Zunie for always being sweet and encouraging! n_n <3
Oni J. for his oft lavish presents @_@/
Delerium for makin me the sign above! >3<
Aeris for Ducky hat! O3o <3
im Damien for July Letter '06! *o*
CBN.exe for Hard Shell Pack and Xmas gift! ^-^
Fugen for Inverse/Checker sets and random shiz! x3
.Imploding.Muffin. for .-_.- glasses! x3
SilentFlame3655 for Grunny slippers! : D
O x y g e n for her pretty bouquets of flowers! : D

If you think I missed you out (and this list is far from exhaustive), tell me.. I can be forgetful. L:


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Sensual Seraphim

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Sensual Seraphim


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O MY GOSH! I'M GLAD YOU NOTICE ME MAAAAAAAAATTTTTT! blaugh Yeah, it's been a long time. I'm okay, I'm good. What 'bout you? Where have you been? We've been missing you! 3nodding

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Stoic? confused
lml G A U G E lml

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lml G A U G E lml

Stoic my man. hope alls well with you. hit me up some time.

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*glomps ~ 3nodding

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*glomps on you 3nodding

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Mister Fancy Cat

Report | 10/13/2012 12:49 pm

Mister Fancy Cat

you are most welcome biggrin
Mister Fancy Cat

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Mister Fancy Cat

Hey man! i just took a look at your website and i must say im very impressed! i really love the art biggrin *hugs from your friend*


Oh, did I mention that I paint?