你好!我的名字是李和榮。 我今年两零歳。 我是日本人和韓國人。

      xxxxxxx ☁◞ Hi there, my name is Saku. (that's S - AH - KOO, not SA-KUH for those of you
      xxxxxxxthat can't speak basic japanese)
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ i am a twenty year old female
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ i was born korean-japanese, and as far as i can tell i've stayed that
      xxxxxxx nationality for my entire life
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ i like trains
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ I listen to mostly Korean music, because I special
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ I love B1A4, SHINEE, Big Bang, Exo, DGNA, E7, UKISS, and the list goes on
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ I have an unhealthy addiction to tamago.
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ I'm an advanced literate - elite roleplayer.
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ tales, bridget, nicole, loretta, and jin are my bros/hos. we be my little ponies.
      xxxxxxx ☁◞ I'm part of a religion that worships GDragon and Krisus. They are all powerful.
      xxxxxxxDon't question them.


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