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♥ Art On My Profile is © to Stelleia(me) ♥

[♥]iiAIice and IxYukixI are my sisters[♥]

I DO NOT DO ART TRADES!..those are for friends only...

i love monochrome items, im a collector, and i love sheepys and bunnies...I'm back on gaia!!..I have an Auction Shop going right now! So if your interested in my artwork look below!~

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Pora Elinu

Rules Of My Profile!
-I do NOT donate!!!
-I do NOT accept random Friend Request
-I CAN'T answer you back if you have your profile/Comments blocked (Comments WILL be deleted if so)
-Please don't Ask me to make you a profile (I make my own)
-Don't Take/Steal any of my art...or i will hunt you down and report u =n=
-I have an ARTSHOP!! don't comment/pm me about art..only for compliments <3
-Im an artist myself...don't comment me asking to buy/look into your art
-Don't Complain about my rules...i don't care what the hell you think about them
~will add more if i think of more 8D


★ ★ Questing ★ ★
A lot of things..

★ ★ Future Quests ★ ★
more things...

★ ★ Dream Avi ★ ★
-Keep in mind this is "MY" dream avi...Plz Do Not Copy...Be creative and create your own..-

-none atm-

● ○ Behind the Pixels! ○ ●
L I S T E N - U P!! * A *

♥★This Be Me Btw e ue --- ♥Clicku♥

Hello everyone and welcome to my profile! My name is Alice, or you can call me Stella or Aura, either of the three are ok. Been here on gaia sense 03, I love chatting with my many friends, i love to draw and play video games/mmos..Such as Tera Online, Blade & Soul! I also play League of legends from time to time. My all time favorite food is Sushi. . . I'm 25 years old, birthday is on June 21! I am currently living in Florida and attending college here. I am not a person who puts up with rude people, trust me i will stick up for myself and for my friends if need be, you can expect the same treatment from me if you choose to treat me as such.. Also my Artwork can be found here at my shop "Cloud 9" (the link is up above, i try to keep it Open as much as possible. So Feel free to stop by and chat with me if you have some time to stop by that is!

NOTE - I DO NOT LIKE RUDE/ASSHOLES...if you where my friend and where rude in anyway...you can gtfo my friends list :/.. and your not welcome back on it...kthanks

emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif ♥ IM TAKEN BY iiAIice, She my wifu...be jelly e ue!!!! ♥ emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

♥ Miho (1cm) Happens to be my little sister and a good friend here on gaia. Shes the best and one hell of an exchanger! So give her much love if u happen to run into her in Exchange! Love you Miho! ♥

★ Below is a special list of ppl that have been amazingly awesome friends. They have been so sweet, they donated and talk to me all the time with me and continue to be there for me though thick and then. Go ahead guys continue to be the sweeties you are! Love all of you! (please don't ask to be on the list if your not a close friend that hasn't done s**t for me kthanks) -no certain order-

People I know IRL~
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif iiAlice - (My Sister and Best Friend For Life)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif IxYukixI - (Twin to my Sister >A> )
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif pikagurlxd - (Best Friend who is a total nut)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Xuti/1cm - (Little Sister and Good friend)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif xXRakaTheBeastXx - (Cause he complained he wasn't on here pfft)

Awesome Friends Here on Gaia~
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Local Strangler - (crazy and handsome smilies/icon_razz.gif ..he totally told me to put that)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Kay Neine (Best person in the world!)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif 0pportunity - (Awesomely Awesome friend <3 )
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif GrimGlow - (Missed her.. but shes back and still just as sweet)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Sorry To Slow v2 - (Such a Good Friend! I owe him so much)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif IVIorphlne - (New found friend that Donated to me QAQ)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif deery-Iou/lost in the rythum -(Good Friend that advertises for me)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif The Black Tea Geisha - (Amazing Friend)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Clitcat - (Very Awesome Guy who Helped me out alot)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif DrEalVl -(hes just awesome....)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Cioccolato Cuore - (Crazy Nut thats my best friend)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Bubbly Tensei - (My best friend, Love you girl! )
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Pilot - (Awesomesauce friend B] )
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Layyzee - Wifuuuu (Bella)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif pr3m0rse - (Amazing Friend here on Gaia)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif lexu - kun - (My Fwiend who's art pwns)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Sun Gadget - (OMG I JUST LOVE YOU YO)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif NKTrance - (Best Guy EVA eUe;)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif iHAINECROSS - (Best Friend and one who sold me an OMG hat)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Nuesaki - (He is So sweet! Thanks so much for NKS)
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Smith und Wesson - (Oldie friend who donated to me)


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♥ Quests 『iTeM LiSt』

Um just some Organized Item List to help me keep up with all the items i quest for here on gaia Cx



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Succulent Cherry

Report | 12/25/2015 9:38 pm

Succulent Cherry

Starlet Of Noir

Report | 06/21/2015 10:42 pm

Starlet Of Noir

cat_4laugh Super kawaii doll cute profile an avi. cat_3nodding

Report | 01/27/2015 5:40 pm


Aah, I see.
I hoarded a couple of the regular rabbitans, as you can probably tell.
I love off white and off black, it feels warmer than pure white and pure black combos when I make avatars.

Report | 01/27/2015 5:29 pm


Ooh? What kinda bunny items? owo

Report | 01/27/2015 5:18 pm


Thanks. owo
I rather like being a bunny. It's gonna be hard to wear any of the shiny new things I've picked up recently cause it means I'd have to change out of thiiis one.
Trashed Betty

Report | 01/27/2015 4:29 pm

Trashed Betty

Thank you for your purchase luv. Cool profile and choice in Flyleaf! emotion_brofist

Report | 01/19/2015 1:38 am


Bunnies ARE pretty great, admittedly.

Report | 12/02/2014 5:13 pm


my fc is: 5300-9382-2476 ouo
Kay Neine

Report | 11/05/2014 3:04 pm

Kay Neine

<3 ~

Report | 09/15/2014 11:00 am


HurHurHur assholes emotion_dowant


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