I love books!
And, like, tv shows. Music. Video games.
Just about anything.

And pretty avatars! <3


What I am doing??

Hummm I need to write something down so I will just talk about what I do!!



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Sonja Eve

Report | 09/06/2014 6:48 pm

Sonja Eve

Crank was awesome! Everyone though I was nuts for wanting to sit and read a story written in that style.
I do not think I have heard of the others but I will totally look them up.
I have caught up on all but the newest Meredith Gentry books, I have only gotten to six on Anita Blake, of course Hp and LOTR was a favorite that I occasionally reread.
Acid Lolita

Report | 08/02/2008 4:07 am

Acid Lolita


yeah same thing with snakes.. it's just not something I would wanna keep as a pet haha

XD when I was little I wasn't afraid of anything, it was awesome, I would chase stray animals around the neighborhood, capture bugs, and was fascinated by snakes!!

then when I almost got bit by a snake I guess that's when I started freaking out if I was within 10 feet of one >__<

ooh hehe it's cool Domo-Kun is a mascot for a Japanese television station lol


User Image

if you search Domo-Kun on youtube you can watch the little videos he's in hehe

some of them are pretty funny ^__^

oh my gosh! how did that happen? o__o

I hope you're ok! I've stepped on a nail before and it sucked, I could only imagine how bad it must've hurt having a nail shoved in your finger!

doctors...argh.. I gotta go to the doctor this month for a check up and for blood work. -.-

I have a thyroid disorder so I gotta get my blood checked a lot to see if everythings normal, sigh it's so annoying lol

okies goodnight ma'am even though this comment is kinda late >.<

aww how cute! how old are your little brothers? ^__^

hope you have a good day too! <33


Report | 08/01/2008 1:56 pm


LOL! Don't worry!

<(* *)>(>* *)><(* *< ) <(* *)> I love kirby! User Image

Aw,I love to cook...All kinds of foods!

Well,I love to draw [Was thinking of opening and art shop] I like to watch anime [Kinda obvious lol] I love to read,write poetry and short stories,I love to shop...hmm...Let us see...

I love to fashion design,time tavel, and make magical potions =D lol You?

xoxo Stellz

Report | 08/01/2008 1:15 pm


i bought it at a creamery new one of my fav malls!

lol Me too xD

awesome,you do cook much?

it says that the page could not be found User Image

xoxo Stellz

Report | 08/01/2008 1:13 pm



Waffles are good to! heart Gosh I am getting hungry!

They turned out A-okay! 3nodding


Report | 07/31/2008 8:07 pm


Thank you,you as well =D

german frozen yogurt is very good actually,creamier them most ice cream =]

*laughs* Yes,I know! Just the lke goo old days xD I still do thou! When no ones watching! User Image

lol Zame here^-^

Awesome! I love pancakes! And waffles too ^-^ They turned out good?

xoxo Stellz

Report | 07/31/2008 2:40 pm



So true xD

I am good today^-^

Going to eat German yogurt! [No joke.]

And grocery shopping.

And you? =]

xoxo Stellz

Report | 07/31/2008 2:33 pm


lol Don't worry.I post random comments all the time. =D

I guess it depends on what you post.There was no reason to be angry at you thou!

*laughs* Again,it's no problem xD I don't get for thing that should make me smile!

xoxo Stellz

Report | 07/31/2008 2:20 pm


Ha ha!

Thank you so much! =]

And don't worry random comments are loved User Image

xoxo Stellz

Report | 07/31/2008 12:58 pm


no problem keep up the good work and try and keep me informed on your new sales!!!!!!!


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Hell if i know
what i'm doing
with my life

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