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Javier Cross Report | 08/02/2015 1:11 am
Javier Cross
Pleased to meet you again.
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 8:53 pm
Bahahahhah rofl
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 8:50 pm
Yeaahhh definitely. I think most people can agree on that part..
I just felt like it was way too different from the first half, that fans got thrown off. Also the plot was quite effy..

Season 2 SAO was like.. Kirito....... Why so many girls...??? You already have a girlfriend..... IDK IF IT WAS JUST ME OR DID IT FEEL LIKE HAREM...?
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 8:47 pm
ALSO, God Eater, has really unique art. But it's steady so far.
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 8:41 pm
IDK but game series are very nice to watch. *u * Just like SAO season 1.
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 8:40 pm
Watched list: ore monogatari, ookami shoujo to kuro ouji, parasyte, attack on titan, durarara!!, baccano, tokyo ghoul, Free!
Right now I really like Aoharu x Kikanjuu it's a summer 2015 anime emotion_kirakira based on the game.

I heard log horizon was really good though, will def remember to watch that one.
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 8:31 pm
LOL, thanks, I've watched more than half of those listed, but thanks, I'll watch the rest. emotion_dealwithit TYVM
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 7:59 pm
I like shoujo and slice of life and action and fantasy and I like so many genres. I'll watch anything as long as the art is good. cat_lol
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 7:48 pm
Gimme all the recommendations exclaim
Novembyr Report | 08/01/2015 7:15 pm
I see.
ANYWAYS what is your favorite anime? emotion_kirakira

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