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My interests are varied across a wide spectrum that is always growing and changing, I love to read, write, draw and animate, to name a few. I like creating characters and role-playing on Gaia, since I have been here. I think of myself as pretty new to role-playing and cosplay so I am always open to advice.

I play cannon as well as original characters' in RPs'. I prefer playing girls', but can play male characters', why limit yourself? Just expect more (hopefully short) delays': I am still getting use to them.

I am not yet literate in action and have fallen into dreaded one liners' before and for this I apologize to my role playing action partners' and hope to improve.

Friendly people are the best. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

Quote me if you need my attention, I check in regularly.

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Mikkabi Report | 03/16/2014 5:24 pm
thanks :3
Lucretia21 Report | 03/16/2014 1:29 pm
Hehe, well at least that worked out that the werewolf couldn't get to you, then. x).
Servant Reborn Report | 03/10/2014 8:24 pm
Servant Reborn
Cute profile heart
Vulpine Kakato Report | 03/04/2014 7:27 am
Vulpine Kakato
No problem!
Lucretia21 Report | 02/16/2014 10:30 am
No rush =) Sorry if I sort of overloaded you with all of the replies at once.
I always look forward to seeing your replies, too. =)
Lucretia21 Report | 02/16/2014 10:27 am
Hehe, I actually found it by accident that you can hide inside it. I had taken her out the back way and I didn't know about the hole in the fence yet, and I was trying to find somewhere to have her hide because her health was low and I had actually been planning on having her hide behind it, but that little symbol popped up for the door to open and I had her go in. She ended up getting caught in it the first couple of times, I guess it was because I had her run in instead of sneak and the werewolf saw her go in.
Lucretia21 Report | 02/10/2014 3:39 pm
That's the one. Although you have to only hide behind it and not inside it because if you hide inside it you can get trapped pretty easily if he does spot you. . . I found that out the hard way. xD Hehe, I know what you mean, there's a few parts of the game I always say that about. The Ocean House is the one that I hate the most for some reason, but the werewolf is right up there too. Oh and the tunnels, that one gets on my nerves, too
Lucretia21 Report | 02/10/2014 3:38 pm
Oh, I hadn't tried hiding behind a tree before. I'll have to try that next time. It's ironic that it's near where the werewolf actually comes from, hehe. I hate when that visibility radar goes insane like that, it always makes me think that whatever it is is going to jump on her head any second, lol. Thanks, I'll have to try that as well. I usually have my stealth feat pretty high by that point so that will probably work. I like focusing on that and the melee feat the most. Oh I love those books and quests that help with upping the stats, they really help out.
Lucretia21 Report | 02/10/2014 3:37 pm
Hi! How ya been?

I'm so sorry for taking so long with everything! I've been working on it though in my free time, and I finally got everything up! =)
Laura X Kinney Report | 02/06/2014 1:12 am
Laura X Kinney
Indeed. It's been a couple years since I've been on here. How's it going? I am re building my marvel guild with some BIG help.


gaia_star Welcome! gaia_star

Thank you for stopping in at my shop, have a nice day and a great night emotion_kirakira


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Going to be busy for the next few months', but I'll try to check in.

Bringing a little symmetry to this profile

Bringing a little symmetry to this profile

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