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hi i’m stari and i’m 21 yrs old
this is a poem i wrote for school (edited for tl;dr internet lenth):

I am a ball,
yellow and round,
resting in a nest of pillows,
my room is a square,
but I am a ball,
and the world is very loud.

I am a ball,
and I wake up at three,
four five six seven EIGHT,
I roll out of bed,
and bid it goodbye,
and round and round I go,
into a new day.

I am a ball,
and I love sushi,
fried rice, coffee,
tuna melt sandwiches,
burgers, fried chicken,
fries, shwarma,
I am a greedy ball.

I am a ball,
and I go for sushi,
but I order noodles instead,
I say, “Mmmm” when it comes,
in a hot styrofoam box,
with a fork and a cookie,
in a white plastic bag that crinkles.

I am a ball,
and I love rice noodles,
hot, salty, with a plume of steam,
soft, chewy, with a translucent belly,
mixed with sliced beef,
carrots, cabbage, and sesame,
a side of sweet coconut milk.

I am a ball,
a full, sleepy ball,
everything seems so difficult,
eventually we're all done,
bringing home with what seems like,
three essays, ten assignments,
and fifty paragraphs.

I am a ball,
and when I walk in the door,
I see a bunny!
The bunny is brown,
long and skinny,
with big floppy ears,
and patchy fur.

I love this bunny,
and the bunny loves me,
even though I am a ball,
and he is a bunny,
we cuddle a lot,
play some games,
create our own nest in the bed.

I am a ball,
I am round and yellow,
but more than that I am,
the luckiest ball alive,
my life is busy but I am,
surrounded by happy things,
surrounded by a happy bunny.

every day~


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Neon Popberry

Report | 11/04/2015 11:15 am

Neon Popberry

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please come back to us!! :c

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Report | 10/22/2015 10:09 am


What the person below me said. I miss you. I see you on League more often now, but hardly at all on Gaia. Staro, come back to meee.

Report | 09/24/2015 1:03 pm


i fuken miss you starrii ; A ;
Adorkable Sei Sei

Report | 06/27/2015 3:49 am

Adorkable Sei Sei

Nice profile. Please PM me back regarding my trade offer.

Report | 06/08/2015 3:29 pm


Ah! You need that! I have the hair item that looks like Vi's hair, so we should totally make that happen! :3c

Report | 06/08/2015 3:14 pm


Wait. There's a Jinx item? WHAAAT?!

Report | 06/08/2015 11:15 am


Ah! I lost your number, so you should totally pm it to me when you can. Good to see that you're back, though! Gaia has released even more cute items. It's driving me crazy. ><

Report | 06/05/2015 12:09 pm


all of the snuggle hugs :3

◕ ◡ ◕

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Report | 06/05/2015 11:49 am


XDD hi hi hun.

◕ ◡ ◕

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Report | 05/14/2015 11:50 am


Dear precious sweet baby Staro,
I miss you lots. I don't see you on League as much anymore either, but I promise that I'll try harder to stay in contact via text sometime. I ended up coming back to Gaia after not being sure if I wanted to for like 3 months. I hope you'll decide to come back sometime, too. You and I can just play together if Jesse doesn't want to, right? I hope life has gotten at least a little easier for you. Let's play League sometime, yeah?


petition for more outfit slots

jackalust x starrii
quest thread for trash/bugs/flowers
looking for trash collectors
& GC providers

offering both art & gold, PM for info

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