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Hey! My name is Heather but I prefer to go by Star or Starlurk (Ducky if you know me on Maplestory XD)

I try to be a mostly positive person but everyone slips now and again smilies/icon_biggrin.gif The place on Gaia that you are most likely to find me is ~Operation Beautiful~. It's my current pet-project, a place to discuss self-esteem, how to improve our self-esteem, and how to brighten the days of others. Please check it out! <3

I don't play Maplestory much anymore but when I do I play on Mardia as DuckyBelkins. I have written a comic about Maplestory, you can view it at The Travellers

Feel free to leave me a comment or, even better, send me a message!

smilies/icon_heart.gif I'm questing for an AFK hat and I've got a long way to go, I won't beg but any gold donations will be appreciated greatly smilies/icon_heart.gif (I don't sell gifted items)


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Kerist Report | 07/29/2011 11:13 am
I totally didn't answer your question anymore. Fail. I don't play anymore.
Kerist Report | 07/29/2011 11:12 am
Haro. I misread that for a sec and thought you forgot the name of your character. Windia is where we met, but come to think of it, I think I only saw you randomly on chat every once in a blue moon. "Ducky!" Found you via Tonality's profile. In case we are done here, Have Fun Good Luck!
Kerist Report | 07/28/2011 4:10 pm
Hai. (Random MS person by the IGN of Kerist spamming your profile comments because he recognizes (vaguely remembers) the name Ducky.
Tsuki Belle NoHana Report | 04/18/2011 5:58 pm
Tsuki Belle NoHana
thank you for your purchase biggrin
Violets In The Rain Report | 03/10/2011 1:11 am
Violets In The Rain
Thank you for the tip.
pexxi Report | 02/28/2011 10:06 pm
Hey I actually came to you for the same reason the last person did. I wanted to tell you that I have seen you in many of the life issues forums and you are genius! You give very thoughtful and meaningful advice. heart
Little Rana Report | 02/25/2011 8:07 pm
Little Rana
I don't mean to come off as a freaky creeper, but I've seen you around the Life Issues forum and I just want to say that I think you're a sweetheart. You're so positive whee
Astronomical Love Report | 02/23/2011 11:52 pm
Astronomical Love
Thanks for the tip, dear. <3
Emo Kuromi Nui Report | 09/23/2010 7:45 pm
Emo Kuromi Nui
Hi Starluck! How have you been? The Ob thread looks lonely without you....
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GRILLED_CHEESE_LOL Report | 09/15/2010 11:20 am
Dont hit cows!! stressed scream