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We are a family<3

Hello. My name is Mary. To the left is my avatar, and to the right is my boyfriend's avatar. To learn about him, simply click on him.

I am 13 years of age, Bisexual, and an Atheist.

'Wow, got it all figured out so early.'
Yes, thank you for noticing, twit. I am aware that my young age may blur my maturity, but I assure you, those two things above are /not/ stages.

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and Skyping/Leaguing with Colin.
I want to graduate college with a degree in Culinary Arts {Baking} with Astronomy, Writing, or Fashion on the side.

Elvis Aaron Presley is my 8th cousin on my mother's side.

My favorite color is mint green, my second favorite is peach pink.

I love rock music, my favorite band is Muse.

The picture below is me, and it was the first picture of me with bangs. I'm in an Avenged Sevenfold shirt.
My hair is naturally curly, but not /that/ curly. I had just gotten it curled.

I'm a big dork. I love video games, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my favorite game.

Anything else you wish to know? Ask.

I met him while he was with Eva and I was with Michael. I was in love with him while I was in love with Michael, I know, it's horrible.
We met in towns on gaia, we argued over how to spell a word. We were
ridiculous. He was 13 and I was maybe 12 cause he's 2 years older than me depending on if I've had my birthday yet or not. One night awhile after Michael
and I were done and he and Eva were done Eva
was being rude all the time to Colin. I stalker text pranked Eva. I HORRIFIED HER. It was hilarious.
After that happened and we explained to Eva what just happened she got mad at Colin and ignored him for quite a few weeks or days or so. Eh. So, Colin and I talked about what we wanted in a partner, he described what he wanted, and then this happened;
Me: Those are some sweet qualities <3
Colin: What do you want in a guy?
Me: Well...someone handsome, sweet, kind of smart, caring, kind, loving, cuddly, romantic, passionate, everything like that.
Colin: Good qualities.
Me: ...I don't think you understand what I meant...
Colin: I think I do.
Me: Oh?
Colin: You were talking about me.
Me: .///.;;

We got together that perfect night on April 7th, 2013. I'll never forget that night...ever.

Colin, I luh you, sugar cube. <3 And I'll wait to be with you in person, it'll happen one day, I promise.