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Hello I am StarIore, I am a college student(pre-med) and I have been on gaiaonline for quite a while.I used to be a regular in towns and now I am sticking to forums mostly. Trying to keep it simple on gaia.
- I enjoy making making art out of my avatars and creating original cosplays.
- I enjoy story-writing.
-I love the forums and the forum roleplays especially emotion_kirakira
- I Love Anime/Manga/ Games(too many of them to list)
- No random friend adds please. ^ ^
- I am a regular Dumpster Dive donor. My goal is to help new people so I am glad if you get something that you love/need. heart
- If you do get an item of mine from the dumpster feel free to leave a comment, do not pm me on the topic please.
- If there is an item(s) that you would like to know the identity of on my avi feel free to ask me directly. (Though I won't reveal the entire makeup of an avi)
- If I don't remember you please don't take it personal ( It's hard to remember everyone with there being so many people and name changes) sweatdrop


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