what to put here insert random interesting funny stuff here
    scroll down to read everything i talk a lot xD
    stargaze_69 you can call me star or starry most people here do
    my real name is Madison most call me Mads a few call me Madi
    been on gaia for way to long i suppose but been around since 2007
    I remember gaia back in the day when throwing popcorn at a movie clip was the happening thing
    I have done just about everything you can on this site, did mod work in charities, ran my own charity for awhile, played zOMG constantly for many years til it was removed.
    Had my fair share of drama can't say i enjoyed them but oh well it happens i suppose
    i enjoy meeting random people feel free to send me a pm
    outside of gaia i love swimming, playing tennis, cooking, yoga, cliff diving, cake decorating, traveling, bottle rockets and waterfalls
    2 semesters from my marine biology degree
    my personality i can be foolish and naive, sometimes i am too trusting, i am down to earth, loving and supportive, I go out of my way to make others happy even to the point i get used often
    i won't date online don't bother trying, one time is one time too many and the lesson has already been learned
    anything else you wanna know just feel free to ask
    i will change this profile soonish its two years old xD



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Report | 04/04/2016 6:33 pm


Oh my o:

Report | 06/30/2014 12:35 pm


Haha i am the exact same way! Pretty much nothing has changed XD
im doing some summer school to catch up on credits but im technically on summer vacation :3 its all online to its fantastic biggrin
I know im so sorry ive missed you like crazy!

Report | 06/29/2014 11:26 am


Haha i dont even know where ive been for like the past year! School has literally taken over my life haha What about you! We havent talked in ages! Tell me everything thats going on biggrin
I know! isnt there supposed to be some beach party thing Gaia is planning though?

Report | 06/28/2014 11:53 pm


Hi love! I miss you too like crazy!!
heart heart

Report | 03/04/2014 9:43 pm


THAAAAANKS!! heart heart
S h u y i B r e a d

Report | 03/01/2014 10:47 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

Aura? owo
Oh, that's nice. ^^
I'm just listening to some music. I think I might go to sleep soon.
Idk. xux;
S h u y i B r e a d

Report | 03/01/2014 10:36 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

Awww~ Starry too sweet. ^^ heart
I will lols. What chu doing?
S h u y i B r e a d

Report | 03/01/2014 10:03 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

I most definitely will. heart
S h u y i B r e a d

Report | 03/01/2014 9:57 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

I do have internet, but it's a crappy computer. owo
S h u y i B r e a d

Report | 03/01/2014 7:36 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

I'm sorry Starry. T^T