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You probably heard of me, or you know, you probably haven't. Who knows? What, with all that porn out there, I imagine you have better things to do. Speak of the devil, my folders on my computer ARE lacking lately...

My name is StarEater and I am a cosplayer. I hail from far away north where cosplay is very unknown and even ridiculed. Cosplay is my obsession, hobby, and first true love. If it could make love, I am sure it would be a very suitable lover. Although, our relationship has been rocky, it developed slowly like any other. I made my first costume when I was twelve. It was not very good, and honestly looked like crap, but it was a start to something that, twelve years later, I would still be pursuing.

I have just recently (as of a year and a half ago) started getting on the scene and traveling to conventions to show off my skills/talents/need for attention. I have performed in two cosplay contests, my third one will hopefully be in November. With no wins under my belt, due to armor cosplay dominating in the competition world, I think of myself as an underdog. Don't think of me as weak or unskilled though, as I consider my sewing skills unmatched. I may not be able to whip up a Soul Calibur's Nightmare armor up, but I sure as hell could whip up any full dress/outfit up with my sewing machine in just seconds flat WITHOUT measurements, patterns, or too much thinking. That may sound dumb or even cocky but I truly think of that as my greatest strength.

That being said, keep in mind, I DO NOT cosplay sexy. I am not in this hobby for anyone's sexual needs. I will not do bikini, pinup, or fetish cosplay, so DO NOT ask. If any of my cosplays come off as sexy, it is unintentional or just in role of the character. For example, if I ever decide to do a Bayonetta cosplay, of course I will pose provocatively and as sexual as possible, that is who Bayonetta is. However, if I cosplay someone like Princess Zelda, I will not be posing in my skivvies or winking seductively at the camera, because that would be out of character. I will not do commissions or special requests.

Please feel free to message me if you are also a cosplayer and would like to talk. I love my fellow cosplayers, all of them. (Even if you're one of those pin-up cosplayers. I actually have nothing against you. My props to you for doing what you love!) If you want to be a fan, I have both a DeviantArt (I use DA more frequently than anything else) and a Facebook page of my cosplay.

StarEater\'s DeviantArt (Jynxee)

StarEater Facebook Page

Overall, I want my cosplay experiences to be positive ones. I have made a lot of friends in what I do and I look forward to many more years. <3

These sprites done by Mayu-Hikaru.

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