Hello there, I'm Star (no, it's not my real name, but it's what you'll know me as unless you're lucky and get to know me better). I'm 23 (apparently, considered a Gaia geezer). I've been on Gaia since I was 14 (no, this isn't my first account, it was one of my mules but I liked the name so much it became my main, firefaerie7 is my original account). I'm a very positive person with a pretty interesting life so far, I hope every day brings more interesting possibilities. I love roleplay, so feel free to PM me your ideas or links to roleplays you think I'd like. I'm bisexual (I will roleplay as such as well, but I only play females) and I am taken since 9/8/10 by an amazing man (his account on here is slimblaga, I made it for him a while back but he doesn't get online too often) heart

I work Monday through Friday from 4am-9am at Home Depot doing inventory management so don't expect me online late unless I can't sleep. Weekends I'm usually out (especially Saturday nights) but I still sometimes PM and post from my phone so feel free to chat with me even if I don't show up as online.

If you want to know more, PM me. I'm friendly, I won't bite unless you ask for it 4laugh