My name: Anna [ah-na]

I ******** DANCE

Name: Anna
Birthdate: march 9
Place Of Birth: Madison
Ethnic Background: german
Gender: female
Status: its complicated
Siblings: 1
Hair Color: Brown. Sometimes light other times Dark.
Eye Color: I don't know. It changes to everything
Height: 5'5
Weight: ii nunu
Personal Style: Just myself.
Future Location: germany

.W H A T. I S. Y O U R. F A V O R I T E.
Type Of Music: Anything my ears likes.
Place You Have Been: alaska
Store(s): hot topic
Food(s): Whatever.
Fruit Candy Flavor: Grape or strawberry.
Shoe Brand: vanz, air walk
Scent/Smell: apple,midnight drift
Sound: Whispers.
Candle Scent: vanilla
Sport: uh..bowling
Vacation Spot: Any tropical place.
Clothing Brand: nunca
Thing To Do: Hanging out with people.
Weather To Be In: Sunny and hot
Bathing Suit Style: 2 piece
Accessory to have: Belt.
Cookie: Chocolate Chip.
Lingerie/Underwear Brand: pookie
Day of the Week: Friday
Month of the Year: December you got all the holidays
Day of the Year: Everyday is cool.
Holiday: New Years, Christmas, what not?
Season: Fall and summer. Though summer is hot, you get to go to the beach.
Amusment Park To Visit: Disney World.
Shopping Mall That You Have Been To: The coolest? It was one in gurnee.
City: los angeles

.W H A T. W O U L D. Y O U. C H O O S E.
Cat or a Dog for a pet: Dog
Candles or Regular Lighting: Depends on the mood.
Beach or Mountains: Beach.
Soda or Tea: Soda
Water or Kool-Aid: Water
Lake or Beach: Beach
Swimming Pool or Hot Tub: I can't choose here
Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes: Both
Shopping or Playing Sports: Playing sports
Coffee or Hot Chocolate: coffee
Getting a Pedicure or a Back Massage: Back massage.
Swimming or Tanning: Swimming
Rain or Snow: rain
Sunny and Hot or Cloudy and Cold: Sunny and hot
Winter or Summer: Summer
Fall or Spring: Fall
Getting Flowers or Chocolates: Chocolates
Being too tall or too short: Neither
Going to the zoo or Going to the park: Park
Renting a movie or Going to the movies: Both
Popcorn or Candy(at the movies): Popcorn
Going to Starbucks or Baskin Robbins: starbucks
Rap Music or Alternative Music: I like anything. Rap isn't my strength though.
Country Music or Pop Music: Pop?
Comedy Movie or Romance Movie: Comedy
Action Movie or Scary Movie: Scary movies
Buy a new DVD or Buy a new CD: Both
Getting Jewlery as a gift or Tickets to see your favorite band play: Tickets for my favorite band.
Dancing or Singing: Dancing and singing
Mexican Food or Chinese Food: Chinese
Italian Food or Japanese Food: Italian
Not Getting Enough Sleep or Sleeping the Day Away: Sleeping the day away and living some more.
Act in front of an audience or Sing in front of an audience: Act infront of an audience. Defenitely.
Mini Skirt or Short Shorts: Mini skirt.
Tankini or Bikini: Bikini.
Wearing all black or Wearing all white: That's hard.
Wedding In a Church or Wedding On the Beach: On the Beach
Serious Relationship or Dating Around: Serious relationship
Living In the City or The Country: Either is fine with me.
Love or Money: Love
Lust or Love: A little bit of lust but more love
Having a bunch of kids or Having a bunch of pets: Having a bunch of none

. W H A T .
Is the one thing you would take on a desert island: Plenty of water.
City do you most want to visit: berlin
Is Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Damn.
Are Your Last Thoughts Going to Sleep: Yes.
Would you Do with a million dollars: spend it.
Have You Secretly Always Wanted To Be: It's a secret so why would I tell?
Animal Would You Like To Be For A Day: A dog.
Is Your Least Favorite Food: I eat just about anything but onions

Did You Want To Be Growing Up: An doctor
Is You Favorite Childhood Memory: when i met roger
Is The One Country You Would Visit: germany
Is Your Favorite Style of Clothing: Anything I like or fits right or feel comfortable in.
Is Your Least Favorite Style of Clothing: slut wear for teens

.W H E R E.
Do you want to get married at: The beach
Do you want to go on your honeymoon: Somewhere nice and secluded
Was your first kiss at: school hallway in front of the principle
Was Your "First Time" or Where would you want it to be: Lol, well, anywhere secluded from everything but really, whenever the moment is right.
Would you like to go on a MISSION trip at: Thailand

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nice avi ^_^ and cool paqe :3!

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Cute avi

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