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PS4: Final Fantasy XV
PS4: OnLine Name = EmmiAnne

N3DS: Disney Magical World 2
3DS Friend Code: 1950-8732-2175

PC: World of WorCraft
Battle.Net: StarReSky

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The Avatar:"

Gaia Name: Star Re Sky
Gender: Female
Gaia Race: Vampire
Registered on Gaia: 4/24/2005
Gaia Forums You'll See Star In: Chatter Box / Welcome to Gaia / Free Art Forums
Little Fun Things About Me: I'm an outfit change-alcoholic xD / I love cute things! / I LOVE re-colors O.< *Twich*
My Gaia Dreams: To be part of the Gaia team one day / to have some disney like items for Gaia

Under The Avatar:

- Pics. Of Me -

Name: Emily
Nickname: Emmi (Mostly what I go by)
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Birthday: May / 23 / 1986
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long / Short Hair
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Favorite Color(s): Purple // Baby Blue // Green // Black
Likes: Anime // Manga // Drawing // Reading // Video Games
DisLikes: People that make Fun of my Disability // Some people at my work place

Need To Know...

I have a disability. My disability is called: Cerebral Palsy or ( CP ) for short.
I was born with this.
I do have a learning disability...I can't read all that well, or Spell all that grate.
Sorry if I have a hard time reading if you are trying to talk to me.
It may take some time to respond.

♥ James (Evirus) My Husband ♥

This is Evirus.
In Real Life he is known as James.
We Got Married: September: 18th, 2015
We are High School Sweet Hearts. <3
We dated for 10+ years before we said: "I Do."

Evirus is...

The Player 1 to my Player 2
The Tidus to my Yuna
The Vegeta to my Bulma
The Tuxedo Mask to My Sailor Moon

...and my happily ever after. <3

-Pics. Of Me & My Husband-

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