My Past

My story isn't a pleasant one, but I need to finally tell it.....i need people to understand why I am the way I am.....

This body isn't even mine. It belongs to my twin sister, her name is Darka Norin. You might be asking why I said is instead of was. Just......keep reading

My sister and I were born on May 11 in the beautiful kingdom called Corlaur. I try not to remember our mother, but she wasn't the best ruler. She was crazed with the powers she controlled. When she saw that she gave birth to two children instead of one she was not happy.

That's when a thought went through her head, why not have the two fight to the death. So that night she conjured up a curse, and put it in two different necklaces, she then put them around our necks

The curse was whoever was stronger by the time they turned sixteen, that person would get all the life force from the weaker and all of their powers put into the necklace around their neck.

When we were only a few months old our mother could see the powers in my sister beginning to grow. Fire and Mist, a good combination and very powerful. As for me? I don't know what my original powers were suppose to be. I never got to test them out.

Our mother decided she was going to help my sister become the best. So I was locked in a room for sixteen years. I couldn't escape from that place, there were bars on the window, a steel door, the floor was cold and she made sure that the bed was bolted to the floor. I had a chained wrapped around my foot so I couldn't escape her beatings. I had a chain, that was connected to my leg wrapped around the bed post. My mother would come in and abuse me. Soon when Darka was old enough she would join our mother in abusing me. They would both come in and beat the crap out of me, kept saying I was weak, and my mother even showed me that the people of Corlaur didn't love me. I just laid there and took it, I would go into my mind and stay there till they were done.

The day we turned sixteen finally came. Our mother cut the chain from my leg and grabbed me by my hair and dragged me out onto the steps of the castle, I didn't even try to escape from her. There was no point. My time had come.

A crowed had gather to watch the event. I looked out into the crowed of people, and all I saw was angry faces, not one single concerned look in the crowd. Just like what my mother showed me all those years.

Then it was time for the curse to chose.

At that moment I just wanted it all to end. I was very tired, beaten, and felt truly alone in this world. I just wanted to sleep and never wake up. So I gave into the power's thinking I would finally find peace. So I just, closed my eyes, and laid there waiting.

Little did i know that my life wasn't over. Someone out there wasn't done with me, a girl who had nothing.

I felt something grab me, pulling me closer, I welcomed it. I saw a bright red light and knew that I had lost. It would finally be over. I would finally be free from all of this. I would finally have my peace and be done with this life.

Then I saw nothing and I knew nothing. I didn't know who I was or where I came from. It was nice for the short time I spent there.

Sometime later I woke up and found myself outside of Corlaur, all I saw was fire everywhere. I ran for it not knowing what had happen when all of a sudden memories started to appear. I fell to the ground and grabbed my head as the on slot hit me. I saw Darka had killed our mother then the rest of the kingdom, but that didn't explain why I was here...why I was still alive and what happen to Darka. I stumbled around trying to figure out why I was having her memories.

I came across a lake, and when I looked into the water the refection scared me. It was my sister. She was looking at me, but she looked scared and lost. That's when I realized it was me. I touched my face and so did the reflection. When I blinked so did it. I moved away from the lake, away from who I had become.

This isn't what I wanted. I didn't want to live. I wasn't suppose to live. I don't want control over this body, I didn't want to look like her at all. I grabbed my head again hoping I would wake from this nightmare I was living.

That is how he found me. I looked up at him and saw that he had two swords in his hands, they were pointing right at me. He lowed his weapons and stared at me for a little while. Maybe he would end this all for me, finally let me have my peace and not live like this. I begged him to kill me, I cried and kept repeating those words over and over again. Instead he came over and picked me up in his arms, and while I kept mumbling about to end my life, he carried be back to his group and than to his home.

His name was Blake Phoenix, another elf just like me. He explained to me later after i recovered some that he was in a party and they saw the smoke. They went to investigate what had happen and he came across me.

That is how I trained to be an Assassin....

The place I stayed at was called The Creed. For six years I trained hard. I reached the top of my class very fast, I pushed all those old memories to the side, not letting anyone know about my past, about who I was in Corlaur. While there I did make one friend, and yes it was Blake. He kept pushing me to be my best. He was the reason why I want to live.

But than.....she returned.

On the night before my twenty-first birthday I found out something that scared me.

Darka finally showed herself. She was weak from all the damage she had done, but slowly she was gaining her strength back.

Someone had made me angry and that's when I felt her. I ran and locked myself in my room. I looked at the mirror and saw that one of my eyes had turned red. I fought to keep her from getting control, but sometimes I lose those battles.

Even though I was more controlling of my emotions I didn't let anyone know that I was scared, not even Blake. That was one thing I remember from my first lessons, never show fear. I decided that soon I would be leaving The Creed.

I didn't tell anyone of my plans to leave, not even Blake. I knew he would follow after me when he could but for now, I had to escape this place. I had to learn more about this world I live in and learn to control her.

I needed to try and find my place in this world, with a sister who wanted to destroy everything I was trying to live for.

The Creed was a great place to start but......I need more.

So one night I gathered up the fog around The Creed, and jumped down into it, letting it carry me away from there, and away from their sight. I had finally made my escape. It might have been a few years to late, but finally I was free.