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Location: Altea/Ylisse

Birthday: 07/15


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Nice of you to drop by!

Nisio Isin on 12/01/2016
Kenzero64 on 11/24/2016
The Goddess Incarnate on 11/14/2016
Absolute Trash on 11/10/2016
Kawaii Desu Senpaii on 11/05/2016
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About Me

Name: Nathalie
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hi! Welcome to my profile!

I love Nintendo, art, and cute stuff!

Fire Emblem has got to be my favorite video game series of all. I've played most of the localized games, and I can't wait to play all of them, including the ones only released in Japan. Because I blab about this series and Marth all the time, my friends in rl and online call me Marth lol! Mar-Mar is my fave Fire Emblem lord because he is a very caring, noble, and trusting person that puts others first over himself.

Lastly, I make a lotta Cosplays Avis on here as well, but my avi is guessed it! Marth!
If you wanna know more about me, just leave a profile comment, I love to meet new and wonderful peeps. c:

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Arkham Enigma Report | 12/04/2016 10:19 am
Arkham Enigma
I've been alright.. I underestimated school by a long shot lol
I've had a migraine for the past couple of days and I think I pulled my lower back on bench press
Arkham Enigma Report | 12/04/2016 5:26 am
Arkham Enigma
Nisio Isin Report | 12/03/2016 6:11 pm
Nisio Isin
Awh man, I'm really sorry I didn't see this sooner. I would've helped immediately if I had
The Forest Girl Report | 12/03/2016 5:54 pm
The Forest Girl
yeah i get being competitive but i think some people take video games a little too seriously now lol
I guess if you want to lose all the time and you know be a loser and stuff Edward would be the perfect trainer for you c:

I'm not one to go easy even if you are a newbie! xp just saying
Fukase Report | 12/03/2016 4:04 pm
I was, yes! ; v ;
So how are you doing?
Fukase Report | 12/03/2016 3:59 pm
Hello! gaia_star
Nisio Isin Report | 12/02/2016 9:29 pm
Nisio Isin
It should say 4 Barton 001024
Nisio Isin Report | 12/02/2016 9:06 pm
Nisio Isin
Lmao yea
Towns 2 was lagging too much for me so I went to the regular towns. I'll be in Barton 4 1024 if you want to join fam
The Forest Girl Report | 12/02/2016 8:41 pm
The Forest Girl
In a way it was my own fault for even taking it with me in the first place sweatdrop
knowing Edward he already has a folder filled with screenie ideas ready for you lol that boy has one every other day
I think it would be wonderful if we all played sm4sh together<33
have to let these boys know that even though we may be lovely we can smash just as fiercely as they can

it was nice talking by the way<33 byebye c:
The Forest Girl Report | 12/02/2016 8:01 pm
The Forest Girl
yeah i had a 3ds but i took it to school with me one day and had it in my bag when i went on break but after i got back to class i checked my bag and it wasn't in there anymore so that really made me upset :/