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Location: Altea/Ylisse/Hoshido

Birthday: 07/15

Come back anytime!

Leanoma on 07/27/2017
dialectics on 07/25/2017
Misfortuned Checkmate on 07/19/2017
Xiao Xifeng on 07/17/2017
jumpyrabbit on 07/12/2017
In Doldrums on 07/08/2017
SAMEKICHl on 07/05/2017
TheGreatDekuTreesus on 07/05/2017
LlSSA on 07/03/2017
Kyt0s on 06/30/2017
Selkie Kinu on 06/28/2017
Premium Heart Princess on 06/25/2017
Lewd Jaspurr on 06/20/2017
Nisio Isin on 06/12/2017
DarthDub on 06/12/2017
Apoca-chan on 06/09/2017
Monsieur Wowenz on 06/03/2017
Qu4k3 on 06/01/2017
Kenzero64 on 05/31/2017
lucina of ylisse on 05/25/2017

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We Like Ike Report | 07/26/2017 10:48 pm user star and savior is the worst fire emblem character ever
final fantasy isn't even a good anime
lmao x2
We Like Ike Report | 07/23/2017 10:55 pm user Star and Savior is a meme
Noble Link Report | 07/18/2017 6:27 pm
really sorry I missed your b-day, nat stressed
I was on a road trip and currently on vacation but
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it was a really good day for you
Champion Red of Kanto Report | 07/16/2017 5:51 pm
I wanted to say happy birthday even though it was yesturday, i hope you had a nice birthday tho. And a certain someone (chrom) Wanted to wish you happy birthday to. whee
SIeepy SIoth Report | 07/16/2017 5:31 pm
Better late than never. sweatdrop Happy birthday! heart
Level Max Report | 07/15/2017 9:00 pm
Oh! Happy Birthday, Star!
Hope it's a good one!
teppeIin Report | 07/15/2017 4:19 pm
Happy birthday!
Misfortuned Checkmate Report | 07/15/2017 10:49 am
Happy Birthday! <3
Finally Fantastical Report | 07/15/2017 6:38 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a good one today and enjoy it with all your friends/family!

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We Like Ike Report | 07/15/2017 6:25 am
I already said it but happy birthday m8've'st'nt'd've'm