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St Rosiel Report | 06/25/2014 3:17 pm
cool avi
Tiara Edenbeam Report | 01/17/2010 3:09 pm
His situation seems to be particularly problematic... At least there are some people who accept him.

Someone should mention that to Uriel (even though I doubt that he'd try to drug Alexiel anyway)... And I know you didn't think that their rank alone made them similar - it's an interesting coincidence, though. Maybe Rosiel didn't want to show his relief because Dobiel was around... And you're right, since he wanted to make Katan leave him, he didn't allow himself to show the real extent of his feelings in that situation.

That's an excellent point - Rosiel's "imperfection" (Katan might not see it that way, and I'm not sure if we really would either) makes him an interesting, realistic character, while someone who's "perfect" can't actually exist.

Rosiel's used to being admired, but he's probably only flattered if the attention is sincere, so those humans might make him suspicious (which is why he needs to go somewhere private with Katan)... And I completely agree - they're beautiful, in the sum of all theirs virtues and flaws.
Tiara Edenbeam Report | 01/13/2010 2:52 pm
Alexiel-Doll might be really protective of "Uri-hime", so surely she wouldn't let Katou call him "Uri-Uri" (even though it would fit better in this case)... And I agree, if girl-Mika had been attracted to Bal, it would make sense that she'd then feel closer to Raphael (since she wouldn't be "girly", Raphael's affairs with more femimine women might kind of confirm her suspicion that she was disappointed because the other females only want men, namely "bad boys" like Lucifer or Raphael, whose infidelity would be girl-Mika's "revenge" against other women). And our plan for relieving Rosiel's stress is getting even better! I'm sure that Katan would like to have his wings stroked... Most of the time it's probably the other way round.

Your theory about that could be right - usually I can understand obsessions with other fandoms to some degree (even though I often don't share it), but Twilight is an exception... In plenty of cases, the passion is probably rather short-lived.

Having seen the writing in the sand, Rosiel might cling to Katan, and other people on the beach might just stare in wonder and fascination (because they'd be breathtaking), but only the two of them would know the full extent of it... In a way, she has given the name a new meaning, even if it doesn't exist in an actual language. The Hebrew word could also imply innocence (and maybe also his humble nature, since he makes himself smaller than he really is)... And you're right, that would have been nasty! Poor Mika-chan...
Tiara Edenbeam Report | 01/12/2010 1:55 pm
If Setsuna had encountered "Uri-hime", his Alexiel-like version of Doll might have been the one to confront Setsuna, not Uriel himself... That would have been kind of weird, but it could have been an interesting twist. And if Mika were female, I can imagine her having secret feeling for Raphael, but he'd see her as his best friend (which might even be the better choice unless he changed his ways) - I'm not sure how that might change Mika's feelings for Bal, but I don't think it would make them impossible... And that sounds perfect! Whenever Rosiel's upset, he shoud stroke Katan's hair... That would make both of them feel better.

I guess that there are worse things to obsess over than Twilight, but the fans shouldn't try to present it as great literature. (I realize that we're also obessed, but our fandom isn't quite the same.)

That would be so sweet! Katan should make the writing big enough for Rosiel to see it if he decided to fly at some point... And even though I'd like to find out why she said that it meant "one who leads", it's interesting to see if other meanings fit with his character.
Tiara Edenbeam Report | 01/11/2010 2:20 pm
If Doll had been created by "Princess" Uriel (Uri-hime XD), she might have looked more like Alexiel... Mika would most likely be "himself" if he were female, though his relationships might be different - not just with Lucifer, but probably with Raphael as well (maybe he'd even take over Barbiel's role). And if Katan had long hair, Rosiel should stroke it instead... That way, both the hair and his hands couldn't be used for strangling.

Usually I don't like it if humor results from mocking real emotions (for instance, if there's a truly sad moment and someone cracks a really stupid joke as if nothing was wrong)... But the melodrama in Twilight is apparently taken way too seriously, so some self-irony could make it more enjoyable.

Surely Rosiel would recognize Katan in that outfit... But it would be an unusual sight. They should wear that kind of clothing when they go to the beach (unless they do decide to fly somewhere where nobody will see them anyway)... And sure, I'd love to read it if and when you write it (or it writes itself). I still haven't found anything that could mean "one who leads", but at least the name exists and the individual seems to have been similar to him in some ways.
Tiara Edenbeam Report | 01/10/2010 2:08 pm
That's true - she made sure that we got to know the characters well enough to develop our own scenarios... If Uriel had looked like that, I wonder if he had designed Doll the way he did. Mika looked kind of similar to Raziel... And if Katan had long hair, Rosiel might even try to strangle him with it in one of his insane moments.

I know what you mean - since I have neither seen the movies nor read the books, I shouldn't judge it, but what I know about it hasn't made me want to find out more. Breaking the fourth wall might provide some funny moments... Or just add more cheese, in this case.

It's even kind of strange to imagine Katan dressed so casually... But it could look really good if Rosiel wore something to match his outfit. And I understand - that scenario does sound as if it requires some planning. Maybe he wouldn't be worshipping God, but reflecting on life in general... Angels are usually supposed to praise God through their songs, but Rosiel might just hum or vocalize to himself (and think of Katan). And you're welcome... Thank you for telling me about that saint. Judging from his lifestyle and his accomplishments, he seems to have been humble and devoted, which are fitting traits for someone with that name.
pearness Report | 01/09/2010 6:06 pm
true, but i'm sure you'd find a few other AS fans floating around who know just how awesome that is.
pearness Report | 01/09/2010 5:40 pm
it makes me giggle insanely. you should enter it in the arena ;D
pearness Report | 01/09/2010 5:05 pm
*cackles at your avvie* that.. is epic!
Tiara Edenbeam Report | 01/09/2010 1:23 pm
As long as we can still dream, things won't get boring... And I know - Uriel's first design looked so different! I'm sure that it would have also affected his personality... Katan was once supposed to have longer hair, but otherwise his look wasn't too different... You're right about Rosiel, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had been there from the beginning (he's extremely importantl, after all).

It depends on the story (and on the author, as you said)... Do you think it would influence... Twilight, for instance?

The degree of "revealing" would be relative, depending on whether we were talking about Rosiel or Katan... I guess they can both be naked if they're censoring each other. And those daydreams sound very nice! That would really be quality time together, and it would also be valuable for their spiritual and emotional well-being... Fanfic about that scenario would be really interesting - I'm sure that you could portray their feelings in those moments very well. Maybe he'd be the saint of unconditional love and undying devotion... And I didn't know about that saint! What is he associated with?


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