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Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/26/2010 2:02 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

In the case of YHWH, I highly doubt that any kind of "affection" that He might express would be mutual (or even sincere, for that matter)... And it would be great if angels (as well as fallen angels, Evils and humans) realized that their families could consist of different individuals.

If the ruler of Heaven could sit on his throne and stroke his beloved's hair, Heaven really couldn't be so bad.

I really don't think that we'll ever be desperate enough not to read better books instead.

I agree, it describes it perfectly. And I can totally understand why Rosiel appreciates Katan's innocent way of looking at that situation... He would offer to sleep on the floor out of devotion, not out of shame or shock at the possible implications.
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/25/2010 12:53 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

I don't blame you - "intimacy" can be very ambivalent, depending on whether or not the feeling is mutual... At least He was taken care of in the end. And of course we accept Gimpi - he's part of the family.

You're right - I doubt that his behavior could be explained while denying his feelings. If the situation in Heaven became less tense, Rosiel might not have much to do, so he could sit on his throne and stroke Katan's hair... Or they could go somewhere private and try to make those dreams come true.

Fortunately, that's true... There have been better books before, and there will be better books in the future as well.

The "computer error" wouldn't serve its purpose if Katan ended up sleeping on the floor... By the way, I think that the word "orchestrate" fits really well with Rosiel's plan involving that hotel. And anybody who thought that two angels sharing a bed was inappropriate must have a dirty mind... Besides, Rosiel and Katan have probably slept in the same bed in the past.
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/24/2010 12:36 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

The word "intimate" sounds so wrong in this context... Alexiel's rebellion was certainly an important step towards His downfall. There don't seem to be many of his kind around, so he can be "our" Gimpi. *does the same*

It was always clear that Katan loved Rosiel... And you're right, that scene was also pretty convincing. And if Rosiel calms down by stroking Katan's hair, his mood will be too good to bring forth nightmares... Maybe he could also make some of those nice dreams come true.

Even if he was an interesting character, he wouldn't be able to make me like the fandom... So I highly doubt that I'll ever become interested in it.

I can't think of anybody in that church who would suspect that those two indiviuals disturbing the ceremony were angels... And I can totally imagine Katan offering the entire bed in the suite to Rosiel - I doubt that he'd really end up sleeping on the floor, though.
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/23/2010 3:07 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

I can imagine why those two wouldn't want to know what they know about YHWH (and even though Alexiel didn't spend as much time with Him, I'm sure that she'd prefer not to have that knowledge)... I think that "Gimpi" sounds very cute, but maybe it's the term for the species rather than an individual name.

Yeah, it became clear to me long before I read that line as well (probably when reading the third volume, though the first two volumes caused me to hope that their feelings were mutual)... I really don't want Rosiel to give Metatron nightmares - he should spend more time with Katan, then he'd be more stable and more willing to be nice to others.

If he was so different, he might not fit with the fandom anymore... But even if I liked him, I'd still find plenty of other characters more interesting than him.

Rosiel might embrace or even kiss Katan to tell him to "loosen up" (during mass, of course - it wouldn't be quite the same otherwise). And your idea is awesome! Surely that "computer error" would relieve Katan of the burdern of making that decision (I think that he might want Rosiel to sleep in a large bed, while he'd sleep in a separate, much smaller bed).
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/22/2010 1:05 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

Nobody ought to know what YHWH likes... Some might be curious about it, but they probably wouldn't like it if they found out. Either way, Gimpi seems to be getting along quite well with the others. (Admittedly, I haven't even named those two yet, though.)

Every single line is important for their characterization (and for the characterization of the others, of course)... I think that Katan generally likes children, and if Rosiel knew that Metatron didn't threaten his own position, they could probably get along better.

Even if he was more convincing as a character, I still wouldn't like him (partly because he's part of a fandom that I don't identify with at all).

That would be an intriguing scenario - Rosiel giggling during church services and Katan torn between understanding and embarassment. I can imagine that they'd stay in an abandoned church, at least for a little while, before they'd choose to move to another place (a luxurious hotel, for instance).
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/21/2010 1:10 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

If the angels knew how they were created, there might be more fallen angels (because they'd want to get out of Heaven) or at least more rebels against YHWH's laws... And it's understandable why he doesn't trust very easily - I think that he's cute, either way. *cuddles*

You're right, it said that in the character profiles... I can see why Rosiel doesn't exactly love Metatron, but if Katan managed to change the office, the situation would probably become less tense.

If he's kind of unstable, I guess he're vaguely realistic (but still not really convincing - though maybe to those who "grew up" wink .

I really like that idea! Visiting places of worship might cause some ambivalent feelings (on the one hand, they'd see some interesting people, but on the other hand, they'd realize how different those humans' ideas of Heaven or God are from the angels' reality), but it could also lead to interesting conversations (when they were alone with each other again).
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/19/2010 2:36 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

Even though all angels (apart from I-Chilren) are created artificially, at least most of them don't know that they're the results of experiments... I think that Gimpi really likes you. *pats his head*

Surely Rosiel knows that Katan cares more about him than about the rest of creation... If Katan had Sevi's job, he might try to change the office so that the prime minister of Heaven was meant to support - and never oppose - the Inorganic Angel.

That seems about right - after all, he wouldn't be Perfect Edward if he had gone through anything that would make anyone unstable in some way... But that doesn't stop Mary-Sue's sparkly boyfriend from angsting, of course.

I doubt that Rosiel and Katan would get bored if they were to spend time only with each other, but it would still be interesting to seek the company of humans - and retreat again eventually, of course, to their private haven where they can be exactly the way they are.
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/18/2010 3:11 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

I suspect that he's an artificially created angel-devil hybrid... That wouldn't make him welcome in either Heaven or Hell.

Who knows what Uriel would do to himself if he felt guilty of another thing in relation to Alexiel... And I don't know if they got to choose their rank (if they didn't, Jibril must have been the most skilled), but I also think that Katan wouldn't want to rise any higher (even if he could) out of respect for Rosiel's authority. If Katan had Sevi's job (which would be weird), he might just surrender his position to Rosiel (or keep working as his aide anyway)... And you're right, there was no way Dobiel could have resisted.

Someone "perfect" might not have made it out alive (or still somewhat sane)... I have the impression that Rosiel is thought of as vain because he keeps asking if he's beautiful, when in truth he has every right to be insecure about his appearance (fortunately, Katan supports him whether he knows of his "true form" or not), while sparkly vampires can be angsty and seem to get away with it (which proves that the world is seriously messed up).

Hopefully Rosiel would believe Katan's reassurance (and reward him with some more affection once he had recovered from the confrontation with the humans)... And I'm glad that you think he would like that compliment (maybe that characterization is realistic enough not to make him suspicious).
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/17/2010 3:09 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

His situation seems to be particularly problematic... At least there are some people who accept him.

Someone should mention that to Uriel (even though I doubt that he'd try to drug Alexiel anyway)... And I know you didn't think that their rank alone made them similar - it's an interesting coincidence, though. Maybe Rosiel didn't want to show his relief because Dobiel was around... And you're right, since he wanted to make Katan leave him, he didn't allow himself to show the real extent of his feelings in that situation.

That's an excellent point - Rosiel's "imperfection" (Katan might not see it that way, and I'm not sure if we really would either) makes him an interesting, realistic character, while someone who's "perfect" can't actually exist.

Rosiel's used to being admired, but he's probably only flattered if the attention is sincere, so those humans might make him suspicious (which is why he needs to go somewhere private with Katan)... And I completely agree - they're beautiful, in the sum of all theirs virtues and flaws.
Tiara Edenbeam

Report | 01/16/2010 3:07 pm

Tiara Edenbeam

I'm happy to see Gimpi around as well - the little ones don't seem to be prejudiced.

Although Katou didn't suggest drugging Doll in the original anyway, it probably wouldn't work on Alexiel-Doll either... That image of Gabriel sounds about right (but if that similarity is related to their rank, then why isn't Dobiel like that?). And while Katan was in the coffin, the fear of losing him was certainly haunting Rosiel - but once Katan had been resurrected, Rosiel seemed to recover pretty fast (he probably just didn't want to show how relieved he really was).

Rosiel and Katan do have an abusive relationship (at least in some ways)... But they don't say such "romantic" things to each other, so it's not quite the same (I find the comparison somewhat blasphemous, actually), and as you said, we can comprehend their personalities much more easily (possibly because their character development has more substance).

Even if they could dry their wings with magic, I think that they would enjoy the opportunity to relax together... In case they didn't go somewhere private, they might talk about the humans' reactions to them. I feel the same way about their conversations... Even though some things between them change as time passes (but everything does), they remain beautiful.


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