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Konnichiwa, konbanwa, ohayo! (Depends on when you see this). So, you care to know a bit about me, eh?
Very well then, prepare yourself for a long, thought out, and TMI biography!

So... first things first, I'm really bad at starting these off, so let's skip that part.
My name is (in real life) Christina! You can call me that or (preferrably) my username or any other of my numerous nicknames, as long as they fit.
WARNING: Never call me Char Char.

I'm currently sixteen! Hooray! *shoots confetti* As long as you're in the state of Alabama, watch the roads. I may be driving. Legally. Possibly illegally.

I am a female. Either that, or I am a very confused and emotional male. Which I highly doubt. Some of my hobbies? I thought you’d never ask! I draw (mostly anime, but I dabble in a bit of realism, graffiti, etc.) I also write stories, poems, songs, etc. Instruments? I can play the guitar! Sports? I take Yoshukai Karate and I’ve almost reached that beautiful black belt, too! I can sing, too! (Not very well, but that never stops me)

I… am a video game nerd. *insert goofy smiley face* Love, love, love video games of all sorts! Halo? I’ve beaten on legendary. Most of them. Call of Duty? Well, I really only care for Black Ops and Modern Warfare. I also love Legend Of Zelda, Soul Caliber, Mirror’s Edge, Minecraft, Sims, Skyrim, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City (favorite game/best game ever)… etc! Talk to me about games, and we’ll get along fabulously!

Music: I love too many to name. Let’s just keep it at that. But, my favorites are Linkin Park, most things Dubstep, Sleeping with Sirens, Vocaloids, and on and on.

Friends? My best friend is Samantha *insert last name here*! She is also AFallenAngelFound on this lovely site of Gaia. Don’t stalk her, I’ll have to beat you up with my karate skills. I also love this awesome chick NeonNemo (a.k.a. Twitch) whom I met on Gaia! She’s a cool chick-a-dee. Danisaurous16 and ZoeyFox28 are real buddies of mine. Mess with them and I'll mess you up! >.<

Other stuff… I have an art shoppe, a dying roleplay (sadly), a freebie forum, etc… etc…

Know Enough?

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