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Im a kawaii Otaku whee hehe I love Markiplier, Cinnamon Toast Ken , CowChop, Cryoatic Monki ,Immortalhd, Nova and Pewdiepie. I also am obsessed with Japanese culture. If you want to learn more about me , message me whee

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Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/22/2017 2:38 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Hopefully we don't do that daily-miss-you thing again like we were doing before. sweatdrop
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/22/2017 8:33 am
Shadow Belmonte
I can't believe I didn't see you were going to be in Towns or I would have shown up instantly gonk
Paperworm Report | 08/25/2017 2:51 am
Oh my god. I am so sorry for your loss. gonk
May God and the universe take care of them now.
I hope your heart is strong enough to make it.
Bless you emotion_bigheart
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/24/2017 2:54 pm
Shadow Belmonte
You're welcome. emotion_hug

Well, if you want to talk or anything, you know who I am.
*clings to you*
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/24/2017 2:16 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather, and your cat. emo

*super tight hugs*
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/20/2017 2:55 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/20/2017 11:28 am
Shadow Belmonte
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/20/2017 11:25 am
Shadow Belmonte
Air fluff is fine with me.
I'll be in the town itself.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/20/2017 11:18 am
Shadow Belmonte
Sure! emotion_kirakira

And if I remembered what item that monster was, I could've let you see it in the MP.
Some kind of black panther-looking thing with black spikes sticking out of its sides or something.
So creepy.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/20/2017 11:10 am
Shadow Belmonte
Man I was in zOMG! earlier this morning, and that place was dead.
Only 33 people on one server when I was there.
And then it was hilarious:
Someone with an 'I am' monster item was strolling around in an area that I haven't been to in forever.
Scared the crap out of me!
I thought I was done for so I ran away from that area as fast as possible - and then tried to attack it when I readied myself with my buffs - and found out it was another user.
Talk about a silly moment. rofl


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