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Information on Spyrite

Who is Spyrite? Well, you come to the right place to know.

I am... That is hard to say, at the moment. I cannot fathom what I am. Do not even know who my family is. My memory is quite hazy from an event which left me with amnesia. All I can say is, my actual name is Solcrailtis Alamier. But, do not fret! I can still divulge information that might be of interest to you all.

I have come from a different dimension from this place called Gaia. It is called Enertia. A beautiful and enchanting world of wonder and whimsical creatures, even so it does have its gruesome and frightening inhabitants.

Am able to shapeshift into whichever form I desire. Although recently, I love to transform into humanoids of creatures, be they from reality or legends, I mostly transform into a humanoid Red Panda or a Ghost/Spirit with legs or without them just for the heck of it. I guess that's why a few have come to call me Spyrite.

My sense of fashion for most of the time, is what's called in here J-RPG fashion? They are inspired from those kinds of games of video. Truly fascinating things that bring so much addiction to oneself.

Came here to seek what has been lost, which is my memory. I strongly feel that this is the right place to find it. Hopefully, I'll be able to acquire it once more.

Information on my actual self

Username: Spyrite (picked out from the game Tales of Xillia 1/2)
Age: Adult
Birthplace: Somewhere in the Caribbean
Languages: Spanish and English
Hobbies: Video Games, Books, Listening to Instrumental Music, Collecting Geeky things, Walking, Anime, Manga(at times), Sleeping.
Favorite Mythological Creature: Dragons.



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Yokies Report | 09/02/2015 8:31 pm
Not the best things but not the worst either. They obviously could have been better but I do feel they're fairly decent. I feel like the wording on the announcements could have been better though. the whole month people thought we'd be getting a RIG, not all the same items lol.

I'd probably have a hard time with so many though. XD I can only imagine getting lost in them LOL.

Haha yeah, it'd be nice if more people played, but once one person posts their terrible winnings, no one else wants to bother. xD It's why they've been putting new, rare exclusives in rerelease RIG's to still get people to play for them.
That's understandable. I know it's still tough for people who really don't have the money or a skill they can use. It's hella easy to get plenty of gold for art if you have the skill, and coding profiles, and of course vending is lucrative if you know how (I wish I knew how, then I'd be buying less cash LOL).

The most chubby. > w< Oh gosh yeah, some items make the arms look horrible, even on the female base. xD And legs can be just as bad if not worse sometimes. I think they're doing better on mods though here recently.

Yay thank you. :3
Tall Dark and Snarky Report | 09/02/2015 6:54 pm
Tall Dark and Snarky
I only focus on fiction prose, hahaha.
I plan on publishing a kind of literary fantasy when I graduate. Fantasy on the surface, but kind of allegorical underneath, keke~

Ohhh that explains things. Yeah, to make that high speed internet last I'd just watching videos on the lowest setting you can stand to watch. It'll conserve a lot more of that data by leaps and bounds than if you chose to watch videos at HD levels.
Slayernice Report | 09/02/2015 6:01 pm
Yay~~ -touches- I did too because of that, onr of my characters actually has a scar XD

I'd actually like to see the gun one pixelized >w>

Yeah, I definitely should, sounds really yummy emotion_drool

Slayernice Report | 09/02/2015 4:53 pm
Well I can tell you that it works really well because I'm starting to go crazy on them redface

Woohoo! Can't wait emotion_dowant

I ahould try this o: I usually use marshmallows <3

Oh mai~ heart
Gianhel Flow Report | 09/02/2015 4:13 pm
Gianhel Flow
Si todos los items en Rococo solo estan por cierto tiempo despues que los saquen tomara tan solo semnas para que suban de precios como ha pasado muchas veces ya. Estas bocsas son muy populares y e visto sweet en 130b anteriormente. No mucha gente sabe sobre Rococo so se mantienen altos como quiera. 499 GC = 50b rondado y todavia es la hora que se venden en 80b. Jaja eso sube si o si los tough estaban bien altos ahora bajaran ya veras. Pero nada brother tomare un descanso que tengas buenas noches smile
Gianhel Flow Report | 09/02/2015 4:04 pm
Gianhel Flow
Pues si veo uno barato yo te aviso bro yo soy vendor y estoy casi todo el tiempo en MP! El sweet talker debes bajarlo de precio un poco ya que hay varias personas debajo de nosotros asi logras venderlo pronto. El Sweet talker y el smooth tienen mucho potencial y cuando se vallan de Rococo volveran a valer 100b+ porque mucha gente lo usa! Pero te aseguro que si veo uno a buen precio te dejo saber a las millas! smile
Gianhel Flow Report | 09/02/2015 3:53 pm
Gianhel Flow
Si ire a chequiar lo de la muela posiblemente me la tenga que sacar. Lol Y pues sobre los Talkers ya ambos los anadieron en Rococo empesaran a bajar pero bueno lo malo es que hay que estar sumamente al MP la razon es que mucha gente los compra baratos para re-venderlos yo lo hago tambien no lo niego ya que esta es la manera que hago gold sin gastar mi dinero en este site. Tu sabes que aqui la cosa esta mala jaja. Anyways los sweet talkers los e visto muchas veces en 50b es solo estar pendiente sobre el otro estoy seguro que bajara mucho. Asi que mucho refresh. xD Suerte brother
Gianhel Flow Report | 09/02/2015 3:46 pm
Gianhel Flow
Jajaja ni sabia que habia venido una onda valla lul casi no veo noticias me entere de Erika por un amigo mio en skype desconectado full! Pero si e visto en endi que viene otro huracan por ahi pero esta un poco lejos y no se sabe si viene pa'qa. De todas maneras ojala pasen las lluvias al menos para que se valla ese problema. Jaja Yo stoy con un dolor de muela horrible hoy que tal tu como esta todo?
Gianhel Flow Report | 09/02/2015 3:40 pm
Gianhel Flow
Hola saludos brother. Pues ayer me quede pegao a las 7pm jajaja lo que escushe fue mucho trueno me tenia mal lul. No mucha lluvia pero segun el periodico esos niveles estan subiendo no se. Hoy no cortaron el agua aqui si no que bajaron la frecuencia por unas horas lo que siginifica que alomejor todo va a mejorar, pero, uff el calor es horrible. x_X que tal por alla?
Slayernice Report | 09/02/2015 1:24 pm
Yeah, and also smexier



I did my best redface

So far away