art from my clique

By: Soulfulness (my juicy eggroll)

By: erf (my senpai)
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By: Perilous earth
(she sometimes does commissions)

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By: perilous earth and colored by millfox

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by: Soulfulness (my eggroll)

By: Why on earth

Avi art

By: Pure XTC

By: Pyro Kaerf

By: Pure XTC

By: Soulfulness

By: pyrrhandork

By: Ivan Russ
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By: IXI Silver IXI

By: Fukii

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By: - - Synxified

By: Identidem (Your primary color is dark red. Your outfit is designed for defense and for power, mainly to finish off your enemies in one hit. She uses rifles in order to attack by calmly aiming and then shooting them in the head. Designed for destruction. She operates best with one other partner.)

By: Keiro Windig

By: Berryfarmer

BY: An Unforgettable Fire

By: Pyro Kaerf

By: Riz
By: Remy

By: - - Synxified
(this will happen if you leave my crew D:<..)

By: Lollilox (IT WAS FREEEEE)

By: x_Piano

By: - - Synxified

By: Fabric Ribs

By: Banana Terra Cotta

By: Missrizzle
: D

By: Lepree

By: Kuroi Aria!

By: Fallen Tranquility


By: INoctisI

By: wongliann12


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Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/27/2014 7:25 pm
Valmont Silverthorne
.......I love them so much ^, ^
Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/27/2014 4:44 am
Valmont Silverthorne
Lmao, i would help no matter what. I am that kind of guy. emotion_puke

Also, I didnt want to smoke because they seemed intimidating. crying
Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/26/2014 10:30 am
Valmont Silverthorne
lol I wouldn't mind cleaning your room all by myself. I am very generous when it comes to my friends.

Also, I am good doing fine so far. I just got settled into my dorm but omg im with all black roommates and they were smoking weed in the bathroom lmao
Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/24/2014 6:01 pm
Valmont Silverthorne
Yes i watched it and I would have found a 4th wheel to keep her company xD, but i was too memorized about the scenery in the video.
Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/24/2014 2:57 pm
Valmont Silverthorne
I don't think I will be spending gold anytime soon xD.

And I love the song you linked. It makes me want to travel even more. crying
perilous earth Report | 08/23/2014 6:51 pm
perilous earth
you don't know s**t about fedoras.
Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/23/2014 12:09 pm
Valmont Silverthorne
Ohhh !!!!!! Just becurze I'm black, you think youu can jurst hand me cheap things?!?!?! -Shaniqua voice-

dramallama Jk, lol but I am doing fine, just getting myself ready for classes next week. How about you?
Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/22/2014 7:18 pm
Valmont Silverthorne
xD I can't buy the things i want with this gold !!!

and hiiiiii wink
Valmont Silverthorne Report | 08/22/2014 1:35 am
Valmont Silverthorne
HEY YOU scream !!!
Soulfulness Report | 08/14/2014 10:15 am
double yo
Pure XTC
why on earth