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Abolish Confusion Wrote:
Who's that zebra with the tounge? Spot is that zebra with that tounge. Oh so mighty and oh soooo lonnngg, she can take off a womans thong with oneeee scchhhoolooong of dat long long tounge. smilies/icon_redface.gif

B A N N 3 D-D-D Wrote:
Spot_the_Zebra Wrote:
Bye nipples
Bye ridiculously long tongue that still to this day i wonder how good of a b*****b you give.

Woebegone Wrote:
There once was a zebra
Whose title was "Spot."
He was rather careless
And got his friend shot.
So, after a trial
And a long sentence sup,
Spot stands behind bars
So his stripes will line up.

Hee hee.

a hunger for flesh Wrote:
Congratulations; you have made me feel arousal from a tongue for the first time ever. Take me now you long-tongued she-devil <3 <3 <3

vampie_witch_kimmi Wrote:
Spot the Zebra. You do not know what spots are.

Danubio Wrote:

dandy dorko Wrote:
not a diva
just a cool girl
who rocks my world
and gets pretty shitty
because she's itty bitty
hope her hangovers done
because then she can have fun

tehnutpunchers Wrote:
Spot_the_Zebra Wrote:
Ooooh. Get me too!

only this time in the butt

In case you can't reach me telepathically, click this

Tiecken Wrote:
Spot the Zebra Wrote:
Tiecken Wrote:
For someone who acts so tough on the Internet you sure are a weeny for being scared of some tiny insects smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif
I act tough?
Allllllllllllll the time. For a while I even thought you might be some Mafia's Godfather. smilies/icon_crying.gif

Water Pipes Wrote:
Get a haircut, you hippie

The Last Executioner Wrote:
Spot the Zebra Wrote:
The Last Executioner Wrote:
Spot the Zebra Wrote:
The Last Executioner Wrote:
You're in a relationship
Stop with the teasing
Damn universe AGAIN
I'm polyamorous. I can tease and date other people.

You are a product of the universe to torture my soul for eternity
I love having that kind of power

You're the pornographic monster under my bed

Senpauul Wrote:
Spot the Zebra Wrote:
Senpauul Wrote:
Spot the Zebra Wrote:
Senpauul Wrote:

are u hideyoshi
i don't know what that is

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yes i am all for gender equality

i am now

confused as s**t


Socialtotes Wrote:
Spot the Zebra Wrote:
beastiality is disgusting and anyone who promotes it has a sick mind

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