I like weird-ish music


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themeanderingwitch Report | 09/28/2016 7:25 pm
LMAO wise words!!
themeanderingwitch Report | 09/28/2016 6:33 pm
what is wrong with being sauron?? xd
nice avi bruh and apparently happy birthday!!
Vitamin Fi Report | 09/28/2016 9:54 am
Vitamin Fi
You're super welcome!! Make it a great one!
Vitamin Fi Report | 09/28/2016 6:59 am
Vitamin Fi
Today's your birthday? o - o Happy birthday! C:
Bae Candy Report | 09/27/2016 4:22 pm
Bae Candy
heheh. I love magnum, usually buys it. Call myself a pleasure seeker then rofl
Vitamin Fi Report | 09/26/2016 9:51 am
Vitamin Fi
Hey, not bad. o: That's quite the sleep in, it's a good thing. Oh! I live a few hours away from NY. x: That's pretty cool! Although sounds like a bit of a job having to keep everyone herded. xD
Vitamin Fi Report | 09/26/2016 5:05 am
Vitamin Fi
You should be proud, because wow that's intense! It's really well done. ouo Legit.

I got to sleep in until 8, which is nice. And yeah you could say that, haha. How about you?
Bae Candy Report | 09/26/2016 2:09 am
Bae Candy
heyy, being a magnum is not that bad. Its for pleasure seekers okay? Magnum is for pleasure seeker c: Thats what the quote say XD
Vitamin Fi Report | 09/25/2016 9:12 pm
Vitamin Fi
That is good to hear. I am curious as to weather you have samples of your music on you tube or maybe itunes? Given how much you put into it, I bet it's quite good! I'm well thanks for asking, tired as can be, but well.
Vitamin Fi Report | 09/25/2016 9:09 pm
Vitamin Fi
Greetings Master Spoone. How are you faring today?