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well hello all, I thought i'd let you get to know me a bit, since i'm sick of looking at my art, and you all might be as well.

My name is Melissa [that's what everyone calls me anyway but if you want my real name get to know me first]

i am 25 years old, almost 26 I like to RP, read, and cosplay.

I also have a job that takes up most of my morning and afternoon [and my weekends]

I hang out with my friends and watch alot of anime [not as much as i should as some of you may be well aware] i read mostly

I like Si-fi, fantasy, and steam punk

my favorite anime right now is Yu Yu hakusho

favorite characters include

Jin and Toya
And Rinku didn't want me to forget about him

i also rp one on one and if you convince me i may join a small group

oh yea i'm also into Power Rangers >.< i loved it since i was a young girl.


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Ayumu_Z Report | 04/22/2014 1:03 pm
Hey, just wanted to see how you were doing.
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 7:42 pm
We'll I apologized to Luna and explained why I had to block her and said Happy Birthday
Also apologized if I had hurt her in any way...
Just wanted to let you know...
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 6:09 pm
Thanks hon
I just had to talk out things I had kept inside to my mum and take medicine a lil earlier
That and I cooked some and that helps relaxing me, heh gonna be making a chocolate cake for my grandpa, he asked for me to personally do it
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 5:31 pm
Btw checked my PMs, I think it was your turn to respond
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 5:29 pm
Sorry I can't really think right now...
I remember the pm now
Just....kinda going through stuff in RL right now...
I might get offline for a bit...
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 5:22 pm
Oops sorry my brain is like-ugh I feel like I'm stuck at a crossroads in my life right now tbh...
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 5:11 pm
Go men but could you send me the link or pm to me again...? redface sweatdrop
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 3:19 pm
Check out my status, I gotta get going...
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 2:43 pm
Aya_Natsume2012 Report | 04/14/2014 2:41 pm
We can resume if you want


thanks for the birthday gift Diffy! <3


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