I pray that none of the following offends you as it is not my intention. This is my own personal experience and it has made me a better person today.

Click the spoilers to read further. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

I have been changed. Profoundly so. Let me tell you my story.. my testimony- the reason I chose to follow Him.

I wasn't always like this. But I'm not always perfect- even up til now.
I'm not always nice, I'm not always in control of my temper. But I feel much, much better than I ever felt.

My life changed in 2012. Before that..I was in fits of anger, depression, always cursing in my mind and at times, out loud. I was a constant liar, I lusted over anything and anyone that looked good.

I've thought of suicide countless times but was too scared to actually go through with it. And in first few months of 2012..I was at my peak. I have had enough. Most of my life was filled with negative feelings, thoughts, words, and actions that I've chosen to engage in.

Feeling on the brink of committing suicide, I wanted it to all end. But not physically. I wanted to end these feelings of negativity, helplessness, worthlessness, I wanted to feel joy again. And the very thing I did at that point..was to pray.

I prayed to God- like speaking with a best friend who'll always be there for you and to listen to whatever you have to say. I've asked for forgiveness for the way I've been living. I was in tears, full of guilt and after all was said..I felt whole again.. like all the weight on my shoulders and deep within my soul has been lifted.

I felt like I was given another chance to start over. And that is forgiveness. If you ever feel guilty of anything, let Him heal you. Let Him know you feel remorseful for what you've done, said, thought of. Don't ever let the Enemy make you resurface those feelings of guilt after you've already confessed your sins. Trust that Jesus Christ's sacrifice is stronger than the Enemy, that He has the power to break the bonds of sin, past, guilt, etc.

I prayed for Him to change my life, to turn it around a full 360 degrees for the better, and for Him to help me each day.

Since then..He has radically changed who I am.

I'm not perfect, I am a work-in-progress. Always letting Him down in some way or another but I'll always strive to follow Him no matter what.

He has deepened my faith and understanding. My days are filled with purpose. I have hope now. I want to give the love He gave me ..back to others.

It is once in a blue moon that I have ever thought of suicide but when I do, I remind myself that to commit suicide would be to commit murder on my own body. To kill a life, a Holy Temple in which He has given me as a gift. And in doing so, I may go to hell.

Now..why would a loving God do such a thing you ask?

Keep in mind that God is Holy and Just. He is the Judge and since He is Holy and Just, He does not allow the unrepentant to go to Heaven. It wouldn't be fair to those who are righteous and who follow Him to the best of their ability.

Would you think a judge on earth is just in letting a murderer go without punishment in jail? He has given us free-will to choose whether or not to follow Him.

I was an unbeliever even though I was baptized as a Roman Catholic. I went to Church without any feeling..without really taking the sermons to heart. Without following Him. He's shown me that living the dangerous and negative life I was living before..was why I needed Him. I needed a rescue and He delivered me from a chaotic path.

I am brand new. I stumble sometimes, yes..but I don't fall. I know I can depend on Him. Whenever I stop reading the Bible, I forget who I am, and what I should do. I start to revert back to my sinful ways. But I do my best to acknowledge Him in everything one day at a time by praying, thanking Him, and picking the Bible back up again.

I know things don't always go the way we plan it but He'll always be here for us no matter what.

James 1:16-17

16Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. 17Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Sometimes we think that the bad things that happen to us is God punishing us. But it's not. Like I said..there are two plans. God's plan and the Enemy's plan. If we make an effort to follow Him, He will reward us and change our lives for the better.

There are just so many occurrences where I've felt God's presence and love for me. Even though I was an unrepentant sinner, He still waited patiently for me to turn to Him. He has done SO many things for me that I haven't noticed before ever since I've turned to Him. He's shown me how to love others, He's healed my past hurts and situations. He's helped me to forgive and let go. "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and realize that prisoner.. was you.” ~Lewis B.

My name is Crissy and this is my story. My testimony to the One who changed me for the better.

For those who have received a red tube [life preserver] and message from me: [please click spoilers]

When I wrote that message...I tried to make it as inoffensive as I could. I chose my words carefully, but I realized that I ended up offending some people. I apologize as I never intended it to offend you. I've been called crazy, rude, obnoxious, etc. I hope you can hear my heart through that message. I know tone is pretty much void when reading text online, but please know that my tone is not one of condemnation or 'holier than thou'. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
Thank you for your time. I really hope to speak with you soon.


I currently live in Canada. College keeps me busy, but I'll try to get to all the messages I receive.

Here's a quote that I've found and love. I've added the last line of it:

"Having a rough day?
Place your hand over your heart.
Feel that?
That's called purpose.
You're alive for a reason.
Don't give up"

All glory and honor to God. I take no credit for anything I've said. I wouldn't have taken the time to type out my testimony, along with the media, had I not been inspired by Jesus Christ to do so. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

If you have any questions/comments, please leave a message by clicking on the word 'Comment' at the bottom as I do enjoy a good conversation or feel free to send a PM my way. : )



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The_Ghost_who_walks Report | 09/25/2015 3:18 pm
Unfortunately we can't always see the answer even when it is right in front of us. I use to have a hard time with it also but I started reading the Bible and going to church. Then I came to know HIm but I realized I knew Him all along but never realized. I wasn't raised in the church but it was in me. I pray for others to find their way also.
The_Ghost_who_walks Report | 09/24/2015 2:26 pm
Same for you, my dear. I wish more knew the power of prayer. I try to spreads God's message. I know deep down we all need Christ.
The_Ghost_who_walks Report | 09/24/2015 1:00 am
I'm so happy for you. Life has been alright just kinda moving along.
The_Ghost_who_walks Report | 09/21/2015 9:14 pm
Thank you you so much. I really appreciate it. I'm gonna keep going my best. Weren't you taking an exam? For nursing, I believe. How did that go?
That Raider God Report | 08/28/2015 3:21 pm
Confuse? Ask yourself this. "What would Jesus do?"
That Raider God Report | 08/25/2015 4:18 pm
A code?...what..oh a code biggrin thats what it is.....yeah
That Raider God Report | 08/24/2015 9:40 pm
Still spreading the word of the lord eh?
The_Ghost_who_walks Report | 08/18/2015 12:19 pm
Well I've been doing good. I started working again after a couple years. I was out of the game due to anxiety/depression problems. I'm resigning from my current job cause it is really stressing me out and I felt constricted in it. Thought it helped me 'get over the fence' now I feel confident to explore. I want to explore and try something new. I know a friend who does dog walking which I might like. I know it sounds risky to just job explore but "Who dares, wins" and inside my conscious I really think I am doing the right thing. It's kinda scary but exciting. So I'm just gonna have faith and give it my best.
The_Ghost_who_walks Report | 08/17/2015 7:37 pm
Don't be afraid of regret. Do your best and the Lord is pleased. It's our service to the world that counts not holding ourselves to unusual expectations.
XxForgottenFairytaleXx Report | 08/17/2015 6:23 pm
I know, I just haven't been logging in quite as often as I sometimes have and don't mean to leave any conversations hangin is all :>
I had some delicious chicken soup because the a/c was being abused and I was cold. haha
How do you afford to eat sushi so often, I wonder? It's liek six bucks for a little 1-meal package where I live.
Hello Crissy, my name is Rae. Thank you for the request as well. I don't believe in coincidence either
and I'm happy to have met you~ And lol no problem about the double post, I do that all the time.

Dear Lord, I also thank You for bringing Crissy into my life at this time of sorrow to have aided in
the healing of my wounds with her kind words, through You. As your children, I know You will never abandon us
or allow us to bear more than we are able and that everything that happens to us in this life is of Your works.
Please allow me to similarly aid her and others through whatever dark times they may face,
through fellowship and understanding, in Your name, Jesus Christ. I ask we be granted the fortitude to persevere
as well as peace in the knowledge of Your great love through the simple daily reminders in which it comes.
That we both be given opportunity to work to diminish our family's burdens and assist in their respective needs.
May You lead us towards the paths we are meant to take to better serve You and spread word of your merciful kindness.
Thank you for all the grace You have shown us thus far and please continue to walk beside us all the days of our life.
In the name of the Lord, our God. Amen heart

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