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Iono what to say about myself, well I'm 24 and I live in New York.
(yea I know im old)
*walks around wif a cane while yelling at them young whippersnapers ta get off mah lawn!!!*
I work with computers (even tho its a part time job it still helps here and there and the pay is good even tho I wish for more hours)
but I don't think I want to do this for the rest of my life.... I still need to figure out what I want to do. hahaha.... u.u
well I like anime but recently I haven't been watching much since there hasn't been any good series to catch my eye expect one or two. lol
I also love to read manga, One Piece is my favorite (anime as well <3) :3
also I have been getting in to the manga Psyren. ~_~
I read other books as well mostly sci-fi/fiction/action/adventure. heh

hmm, well I love to laugh a lot and I will act stupid when ever I can when I'm with my friends. heh >.> <,<
ummmmmmm, well if ya wana know more just ask me! XD

<-- click to vist my site!!

wana talk to me off of gaia o-O

aim - Spider2061
yahoo - Recca_Ayumu@yahoo.com
msn - Spider20611@hotmail.com

now for some art work hehe -->

its meh - thanks to Kuro_Kurohyou for drawing it XD

thanks to Jester_Of_Doom for the free avi art! XD

yay! new avi art this time from Muxie *huggles her* XD

many thanks to Houkito for making this for me. ^^

Art thanks to Chimiyi

Art thanks to Stingie

Art thanks to Fia Freckles

Art thanks to Applechuu: Me as Lucky the Cat~ <333

New art from ll Soren ll

Girls are like stars, there are millions of them, but only 1 can make your dreams come true!


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Spider20's Journal

tis a journal!!!


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Spiderrr!! Do you remember me!?!?

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Thanks for buying!
Imperial Thing

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Imperial Thing

What your favorite part to eat and your least favorite? blaugh
Imperial Thing

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Imperial Thing

What did you do to me I smell like fire D:
I did raku! and now I smell.
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Imperial Thing

Charcoal children or using charcoal? razz
Imperial Thing

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Imperial Thing

You need to install a wood burning stove. Smokey flavored children.
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Imperial Thing

One for food, one for children? haha
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Imperial Thing

Is your oven gas or electric?
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Imperial Thing

So now your not only old, but also eat children eek
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Imperial Thing

Instead of grass, what is growing on your lawn?