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If you're wondering why your trade is still sitting there, it means you probably only offered it blankly. You have to offer AND ACCEPT for me to accept the trade.



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gate donation code (finally updated after being out of date for almost a year). this is for when you post in the 10,000,000 page thread:

QUEST DONATIONS: Post a quest, and you get 200 gold. Simple.
*Definition of quest:* A quest is an item (or items), or amount of gold you want.
To post a quest, you simply have to post "i am questing for *insert item/gold amount here* or post your dream avi, questbar, point out a quest in your sig, etc.
Things like "questing for arena votes" or "questing for dragon clicks" are not real quests and get NO donation.
"helping u out ^_^" The "u" in place of "you" is one of the few remnants of the days that i used chatspeak.


***POST PRIZES*** Count your posts, starting from 1 and counting upwards. Prizes are at 100, 250*, 500, and 1,000 posts. The prizes are as follows: 100 posts, 100 gold. 250 posts, 100 tokens*. 500 posts, 250 gold. 1,000 posts, 1,000 gold. Just because you reach 1,000 does not mean that you should stop counting. There may be rewards for hitting larger post amounts, just keep posting and you will see.
"post prize ^_^"

*The 250 post prize is awarded by fangs_katana. Please leave her a comment when you pass that number, she doesn't get online enough.



Very simple, be the first poster on any 100th page. Normal 100s are worth 500 gold, a 500th page is worth 1,000 gold. 1,000th pages are different. They are worth 5,000 gold, but that donation is done by blade of zeus, not me. 10,000th pages have many prizes, and unlike the other page prizes, the reward is not just for the first poster. See the third post in 10,000,000 for the details.
"page donation ^_^"


PMS: FRIENDS ONLY, since i am an obsessive saver who needs to save one pm from every person, my inbox and savebox are nearly full (this was when they were much smaller). please comment here on the profile instead. (i don't know why i said off, i must have been too tired to think...)

thank you for reading ^_^


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. Sulfuric Soup



Tetris Loverboy

my old avi.
halloween avi.
my white avi.
my simple avi.
my blue avi
my odd midway avi

red avi...
green avi.

reported a cyber invite post: 2626935
reported a ripway link: 4370875

story of rp!

lord gateman was one of the lesser system lords (obviously not shown on the show) who had only a few planets and 2 ha'taks. he served under ba'al, but hasnt been contacted recently. at his main planet, (i havent thought of a name, most of this is right off the top of my head), a prior came through the stargate trying 2 convert the jaffa and slaves 2 origin. However, the news of the downfall of the goa'uld had not reached gateman's planet, so they were still loyal 2 lord gateman. after we refused origin, the prior unleashed the prior plague then left, but 4 some unexplained reason, lord gateman had the tau'ri's cure. perhaps from ba'al. when the prior returned later, he was expected and greeted by several jaffa warriors with staff weapons ready. of course, the prior had his shield. then he blew the jaffa back and left.
of course, it was not expected when an ori warship came. it blew up the ha'tak with Laverazgate, the first prime, in it. lord gateman knew he couldnt stand up to the ship. he was not as arrogant as most goa'uld. he had me and his best and most loyal jaffa get into his ha'tak and al'keshes while some of the human slaves got into tel'taks. i was piloting an al'kesh. he had some stay behind 2 lure the ori away. the main group went into orbit and prepared 4 hyperdrive. it seemed that the ori took out the other ships. the ship was heading 4 us. lord gateman had several of the other jaffa get into death gliders to stop the ori's fighters that were being deployed. as we all started firing, a mysterious rift, not hyperdrive opened up. it was pulling us in! all the death gliders and several ori fighters were pulled in also. i was 1 of the last pulled in. as the rift was closing, i watched the warship destroy everything that was not pulled in. once it was closed, the ships were separated. then i blacked out. when i woke, i found my al'kesh crashed on a strange planet.

i found out later the area i had crashed in was called "help me get to 10,000,000 pages." i didn't just wake up changed, i woke up, and the first person i saw was Spidar. apparently, the rift had done something extra to me, for when i saw her, i started to change, and i looked like her. the change was only physical and my personality was still the same, but i could still call myself her clone. As i changed, my hair turned green and grew, the bouncy antennae came out of my head. and the coon tail... i looked around and saw that the rift seperated the gates and also, my al'kesh was not working right. some of the control crystals were fried. me and the other gates eventually found each other. it seems that during that time, Wraithgate became lord gateman's first prime and betrayed him to serve the ori, after that being replaced by overlordgate (now iGate). i was like O_O, Wraithgate, a traitor? it must have been the rift messing up his mind. he was one of the most loyal jaffa. speaking of that, almost all of us seem 2 have been mutated by whatever the rift was. and our symbyotes could not cure the conditions. poor SGgate was the worst. a giant squid tail... yeesh... also, some of us got strange new abilities. like me and narutogate's ability to perform what we later found out was called "ninjutsu" in this dimension. and also my ability to use the antennae as weapons. also, lord gateman seemed to not want to rule the planet. although, it is probably because there are too few of us and too few ships to rule...

at this event called "halloween" on this planet, a few of us drank this zurg energy drink, turning from normal jaffa to zurg jaffa! most of our symbyotes didnt like the zurg bodies and had us change back with red bino. the few that kept the bodies became stronger...

continue later...

I am worth: 111,248 Gold
Estimated with known marketplace values on 01 June 2007
(Including current gold amount of 2,868)

I am worth: 327,404 Gold
Estimated with known marketplace values on 15 December 2007
(Including current gold amount of 3,701)

I am worth: 3,775,103 Gold
Estimated with known marketplace values on 05 March 2009
(Including current gold amount of 65,222)
-550k for the messed up value of the anniversary sash = 3,225,103.

posted by silver/

Go to the start menue on your computer, and then go to "Run," Then type in:

I am worth: 107,930 Gold
Estimated with known marketplace values on 25 May 2007
(Including current gold amount of 3,113)

i got art for my donating!

more art for donating:


free art thread!

art (doll form XD) of me and some 10,000,000 regulars by hoseki:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

art by Faint Reflection, done of my pink avi. :3

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Bought from -xGUMMiBEAR-ii:

LONG time since i got new avi art. CassandratheVampire

http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5901199&page=23871 searching for gatemansgc's 1st post in 10,000,000

well, why does it work when its here??? it slows down my verizon yahoo browser to the point where it wont scroll for like 5 seconds when its in my sig!

Chuck Norris Can eat a Rubix cube and poop it out solved


possible future 4 overlordgate: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. it will never happen, but it looks cool! 305,194 estimated october 12

if i want 2 edit it

holy... that is one loooooooooooong url! lets see... snipurl.com... click...
ahh, much better. thats 4% of the size!

heres another:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Estimated Total: 402,395 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 09 November 2006)



590 -> 24 thats 4% again!


search for
` O r i
when the profiles r back up

got this in TPD^

^got this in the valentines event forum

the three Spidars, by Spidar. best. pic. ever.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

payed for this one.

the black parade: url=http://tektek.org/avatar/9301667][/url]
i was goofing around with the dream avatar creator and made a very expensive avi wearing new starter clothes.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Item List:
#603913 Complex Pants M
#603913 Complex Shoes M
Chain Of Command
Dont ask Dont tell Brown Shirt
Emerald Forehead Jewel
Lunar Cowl
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Royal Scepter Silver
Those Blue 90s Gloves

Estimated Total: 97,782 Gold, 90,000 Tickets
(Estimated with known item values on 09 November 2006)


from stargategate's profile. lol @ the low price/


random tektek:

:domo: stargate


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biggrin your very welcome.
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Cool avi

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Welp! I wasn't expecting a comment back. Good to see you're still active.
So how are you question

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phew phew phew are you even alive.

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hey im a bumper at tlc if you could unblock my main acount deadncrispy so i can bump thatd be great

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Ah, okay! Thank you! I just wanted to make sure he was okay. I appreciate it very much. <3

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Hey there! I know you aren't Gate, but a whole lot of people on one account xD Just wondering, have you heard from Gate in a while? We usually email or correspond some other way, but I have not heard from him in a long time. Just wanted to see if you knew what was going on. Thank you! smile
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3nodding nice thread you've created there!
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