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WhimsicalDoll Report | 10/20/2017 10:55 am
Thank you!!!
ButterflyxMadness Report | 08/23/2017 10:28 am
Haha. Purple is my second fav color. My fav is blue but I will spare her the blue haha. I do too! I have butterfly everything lol.
ButterflyxMadness Report | 08/22/2017 6:58 pm
Haha I can't wait! I really don't like the color pink ughhh I'd rather doll her up in purple lol. Her room will be butterflies though. :3 My gma and mom dressed me up in dresses all the time too lol and I turned out a tomboy. xD
ButterflyxMadness Report | 08/20/2017 9:35 am
I knows I was so happy. I would've been fine with a boy too, just so long as the baby is healthy!
ButterflyxMadness Report | 08/18/2017 8:45 pm
That was my life at first, but now it's my turn haha. I never thought I'd have kids tbh... didn't know if I could. I got a new job in Feb. Left my old stressful job for a new job with no stress. I think that's what did it lol. My first kid and I'm scared as pooooo! But I guess all new mothers are. I worry about so so much, but I must think positive! We're having a little girl. :3

I know I was like dang Lanzer is back! Well, welcome back Spenelli! Gaia has missed you! biggrin
Livana Lilith Report | 08/17/2017 9:49 am
4laugh 4laugh greatt ideaa heart I'm soo excited, there are so many ideas 4laugh
Livana Lilith Report | 08/17/2017 9:35 am
definitely exciting whee its fast paced and engaging, suitable for those who run a busy life! also,if the topic is fun, the number of participants would be large enough to keep the thread active cheese_whine
Livana Lilith Report | 08/17/2017 8:43 am
truee, was trying to look for an interesting roleplaying guild but couldn't find any. they either have low member or post count emotion_facepalm

however the forums are pretty active especially The word games forum!!!
Livana Lilith Report | 08/17/2017 3:25 am
yum_puddi your profile is brimming with positive energyy gurll yum_puddi
ButterflyxMadness Report | 08/16/2017 7:45 pm
Hey! I'm in and out of Gaia lately, and yeppp I'm preggers! 5 months along! Welcome back it's been soooo long! I see them now. I just logged back in after a while. xD

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