Hello its nice to see people on my profile ya' know!~
Anyway my name is Holly (juno) schiro nice too meet ya'; you can call me "JUJU"tho i know i have a girl name its wat ever tho.
Well here somethings about me kay lets start-o-!!!
Born on: January 15 Capricorn and year of the tiger (19)
Blood type: B+
Favorite words:"AYE!" and "Honey" "Lady's and gentle men"
Favorite places: Circus's,Parks,zoos,malls,amusement parks,hunted houses,movies.
What i do: Draw,sing,juggle,dance,yell,joke around,help the needy people,computer,anime,cosplay,read,play instruments like Bass,Drum's,piano.
umm....oh who i am right hehehe!~
here are something about me got this stuff on a test online,LOL
-i am a Extreme Ambition
You are born with a shameless amount of ambition and courage. You fearlessly go after the things you want in life and you tend to have an appetite for winning. You are highly determined and you're naturally a high-achiever in the many things you try.- i am a Sweet Heart
Your heart is truly beautiful. You have an undeniably jovial nature that always gives off radiant happiness wherever you go. You are a perfect treat that always stays delightful no matter how much time passes by. And believe it or not, you have some of the most contagious smiles. Those who know you are incredibly grateful for you!- i am a Determined person
You're a very determined person in life. You have the most robust capability of truly getting what you want regardless of the circumstances. You can climb intimidating heights effortlessly and smoothly. People know you to be a go-getter and that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.- if i was a holiday it would be Halloween
You love horror films, a good scare, and anything that can make you stand on your toes. Basically adrenaline. Or maybe, you just like eating candy. Who knows? Halloween, though, is your perfect holiday. You're probably a master at tricking. Or treating. Everything is awesome about you and your holiday except for one part -- cleaning up. You'll probably let someone else do that.
that is me a fun sweet loving playful honest person i have no purpose on lieing to others leave that for the jackasses and bitches (donkeys butts) (female dogs)!~



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