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My name is Niccole, but I go by Nic or Spandy.

I live in Nashville TN, I live with my roommate and times are tough but I get through it. I have two pet Guinea Pigs named Boba and Fett. And three betta fiish.

I use a Bamboo Intuos Tablet to creat furry related artwork, in which I sell on , my profile is here.

I also love writing and enjoy reading people's work, I used to write a lot..should get back into that..but procrastination.

I work with rocks, tarot and oracle. I also love burning sage, as it soothes and relaxes me. I am spiritual more-so then anything. I've learned a lot in Wicca, and do consider myself a Witch..not the corny cackling kind either!

I was born in Arizona, January 13th 1987.

The person beside my picture is someone extremely important to me. I love him with all my heart, we're not currently dating but we have a history. I met him years ago, here on Gaia. He's irreplaceable. smilies/icon_heart.gif

I love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic & Steven Universe among other things out there! I love Pinkie Pie, but I also have a thing for her sisters cuuute!

If anyone would like to contact me or what not I'm totally open minded about responding to PM's and Comments no matter how random or weird they maybe. However I do not accept random friend request. I am not extremely active on Gaia although I do try and check it as often as I can think to get on here! Therefore I wont accept friend request most likely because I really don't have time to "make friends" at this moment in time on Gaia.

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I like having interesting intellectual conversations here..sometimes..

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