I'm random and psychotic at times but its me

Most call me Nic but only the very few and close call me by my actual name. Some still call me Neko and most here call me Spandy (I like being called that its cute).

I live in Washington state, which I only just recently moved here but I love it thus far.

Currently dating and collared under an amazing guy. He is loving and caring and so silly and makes me laugh on a constant bases. I love being with him, and near him. I am physically dating him, we currently live together at his friends place.

I do artwork every once in a while but I do not do human anatomy well so I stick with animals (go figure). I love drawing animals, I have a tablet that I use that is extremely helpful and a great joy to have. Well worth the money let me tell you what - looking to purchase a bamboo tablet eventually.

I enjoy writing a great deal and I'd like to continue some stories I've been working on for years now, and possibly start a new one.

I was born January 13th 1987 which makes me 27 and almost 28!

Why yes I do have a thing for psychotic cute woman who has a tendency to either blow things up or throw massive parties even if they are alone and start making voices for a bag of flour, rocks, a bucket of turnips, and lint with party hats..

So that's about all I can think of to say atm! If anyone would like to contact me or what not I'm totally open minded about responding to PM's and Comments no matter how random or weird they maybe. However I do not accept random friend request. I am not extremely active on Gaia although I do try and check it as often as I can think to get on here! Therefore I wont accept friend request most likely because I really don't have time to "make friends" at this moment in time on Gaia.

The person at the top of my page is one of my most closest of friend out there..someone who knows me possibly better then anyone in this world. He's very dear and special to me. smilies/icon_heart.gif

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I like having interesting intellectual conversations here..sometimes..

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