Its me you take it or you get the heck out

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My name is Nic or Spandy which ever you choose to call me.

I have been on and off Gaia Online for a very long time now, and I have a lot of fond memories as well as some heartbreaking ones. But all in all I still come back for the nostalgia and to see what's new and exciting.

I currently live in a small apartment with many animals which include 9 guinea pigs, a rat and two cats. Seems like a lot but the guinea pigs don't take up to much space.

Solo the rat, Marble and Tiger the cats. Boba, Wampa, Chewie, Pandora, Jango are my guinea pigs and my roommate has some himself.

I am a huge Star Wars fan if you couldn't tell..

I love gaming and I enjoy a number of MMOs. I also enjoy doing art, its a huge passion of mine and I post a lot on my Furaffinity page - SpandexPudding. With that said, I primarily do art revolving around the furry fandom and I also love animals as well.

I do have another avatar up on my profile and he's been a huge part of my life for so many years here on Gaia and off..he's got a special place in my heart and I love him dearly.

I practice witchcraft more then anything, I am not religious at all..just simply spiritual. I work with stones, tarot, elements etc. With that said I don't care what you practice or believe in, just don't tell me I'm wrong in my own separate beliefs..I have opinions very strong opinions on religion..but I wont bark down at you for what you believe in.

I was born January 13th 1987 - I'm currently 29
I was born in Arizona many moons ago! But I currently live in Nashville Tennessee! Do I like it here? Eh..not really..However I wouldn't want to live in my home-state so that's a plus!

I'm trying to get more active again in the community, its been a long time but I hope to start up some stuff again here like RP and being active in the forums again.

Please don't be offended if I don't add you as a friend.

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