I'm Jeff, it's nice to meet you! I am a man of the Navy and of love.(FOR my wife only). I've been married of say around two years now. MY wife and I are very happy with each other and we soon plan on bringing in a child of our own to this wonderful world. If you decide to speak with me, you'll most likely find me in towns 1. I do not like adding straight off the back, unless I like the first impression you give me, or if I find something in common with you, but that's just a maybe baby. I don't like keeping in contact with anyone on Gaia out of Gaia. So that does mean no I won't give you my phone number, nor my Skype. Sorry, but that's just how I keep it. The only people ever allowed to even contact me out of Gaia are my best friends Jake and Outlaw, and my wife of course, but then again if she wished to talk to me, all she had to do is just walk in to my man cave of a room in our apartman. But that's because they've been the best of best friends. So ya, thanks for viisiting my profile. Have a good day.
-Some art for the misses and I-

"Spartans never die, they just repsawn a few seconds later."

El Salvador

The easiest day was yesterday.

He doesn't need his own weapons. He has ours.

Changes need to be made.

Changes will be made.

Anything less and that is it, no more chances.

+Art+ (These have NOT been done by me)

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-Neck Twisting over the Radio-
-Get Chunked!-
-Pigeon Mayo!-

"Changes need to be made
Changes will be made
No more chances anymore
Do or die
Swim or sink"

"We came from caves and paved our way to today. So hey. Perhaps that indicates the fact this teensy race adapts. We're made to last!"

Sluts, go away. I'll never care about you. lol.

We are 30% star stuff!

My wife is hotter than you. I'm not sorry that it's true.

"The wise man knows his fate, the fool merely finds it."

"You need to know how to live before you die"
-SnazzyBullets, Destiny, PvE

"Jump Fifty feet in to the arm"
-Axel99zx, Unknown

"I got deaded! Medic!"
-SnazzyBullets, Battlefield 3, to MrGlentastic07

I don't do this just for myself. I do this because I love my wife, my family, and my country.