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Hey there. SO, you want to learn more about me, huh. You can call me space, or rubble, I don't really care. I'm from the Philippines, studying to become a lawyer, at least I will once school starts this August again.

I like watching tv shows, mostly cartoons, but I have been watching more live-action stuff lately. I draw, it's mostly just a hobby though. I read a lot, comics are great, but books are my lifeblood. Just wish they were cheaper. ; ^ ; . I like playing video games, some games I like are the Persona series, GTA, Portal 2, League of Legends and Pokemon. There are more, just didn't bother listing them.

My taste in music varies, though usually I listen to light rock. I'm not really into the heavy stuff. I'm willing to give anything a try though. And people irl say I have a >:( face as default, but that's not really an issue online.

So, that's about it. Just shoot me a comment if you want to talk to me, I'll probably answer. Probably.


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Knight of Plagues Report | 05/20/2015 9:42 pm
Perhaps, yes. I hope that ends up being the outcome...
Well we'll see soon, next episode airs in June, no?
Knight of Plagues Report | 05/20/2015 8:31 pm
Perhaps, who knows though. I've read somewhere some people seem to think Dipper and Mabel's relationship might've taken a decent hit when she didn't listen to him. I hope that's not the case though... it's refreshing to see brother and sister get along in a show for once.

Bill at full potential is gonna be something fierce. I really like to think he's purposely not been giving it his all yet, but whatever his plan is, he'll be hell bent on carrying it out.
Knight of Plagues Report | 05/20/2015 8:00 pm
I feel as though things are just going to heat up from here with him back and Bill plotting whatever he's got.
Though perhaps we'll get a few episodes in between that are fun. We don't really know what sort of personality Stan's bother has, so perhaps that'll be a surprise. I could see him and Dipper bonding in a way since they appear to both have a very curious nature to them. I mean he did author the journals, Dipper's going to have some questions for him I'm sure.

It could go either way I guess. Bill Ciphers definitely gonna ******** some s**t up though...
Lieutenant Commander Data Report | 05/06/2015 8:07 am
Haha, should've guessed that.

Awesome avi, by the way. Nice to see someone else keeping the rugged space pirate look alive smile

captcha: u jelly? ...Of your hair, yeah...
Lieutenant Commander Data Report | 05/06/2015 7:40 am
What's that image in your signature from? I think it needs to be in my life. XD
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 04/18/2015 7:19 am
Haha, yeah. I try but I just can't make them horror enough. :Y

Maybe it fell inside. Or you ate it.
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 04/18/2015 6:23 am
Huh? There's Horror Queen who kinda does horror. Kinda. It's just like a demon lady tho.

Hey it could be one of the eyes that fell out of your face. :3
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 04/18/2015 6:03 am
Wahhh I love this avi! emotion_kirakira
Umpenscrump Report | 03/31/2015 7:32 am
Whoa, 4 months? That sounds awesome, but I can see how it could get boring. Maybe you can work on hobby stuff?
Umpenscrump Report | 03/30/2015 8:33 am
Nothing much. I'm just bored.
How're you?