Silly Me.

Howdy Ya'll!

My name is Kayleigh, or you can just call me Candy. I live in the great state of Texas and I'm your typical Sassy Southerner. No I do not ride a horse to school.
I have an amazing boyfriend who I love and I'd do anything for.
I love to write, draw, paint, and sing [but I'm not so good at the last one].
I listen to just about any type of music and love hearing new stuff. If you have a suggestion hit me up! My favorite bands of all time are: Breaking Benjamin, Barcelona, The Hush Sound, My Chemical Romance, Sparklehorse, and The Civil Wars.
I love rping, and my favorites are horror/mystery and I absolutely love Superhero based rp's. If you think I'd be interested feel free to send me a link. I'm not online all the time cause I'm a busy busy lady, but I do my best to keep up.
I'll talk to just about anyone as long as you're not a total creep or something. My sense of humor is a bit off, so I hope you can handle it. I'm open minded, and non judgmental about anything. If you're a nice person I'll like you, I don't care what race, sexuality, or whatever else that might be specific to you. :]
I'm an athiest. If you don't like that then I'm sorry [but not really], and just move along. I respect other people's religions, and people should respect my lack of one.
I don't watch a lot of television, but I love movies. Horror movies are awesome, and I like weird unusual plots.

I love getting Avi Art, especially the free kind. ; D
Also, any donations are greatly appreciated. I'm a Gold Digger. But not really... :/

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk message me :]
But please, don't beg me for donations and such. -____- I only donate every once and while, and only to people I really like or who I think deserve it.

Awesome Avi Art :] By Sayud

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Super Pretty Avi Art By Extra Fancy V sama

Adorable Avi Art By The Phantom of the Knight

Avi Art From The Octonaut

Super Duper Cute and Wonderful Art from Syn2!!!


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The days in my stupid life.

Ever wonder what happens in the life of some random girl? Or what happens when lips get stuck in doors? Well get ready cause you're about to find out. Sound interesting? Well it is, just read my friggin life!

this is a journal what more can I say?


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Melanie Martinez

Report | 08/11/2013 11:57 am

Melanie Martinez

Would You Please Find It Deep In Your Heart To Donate Your Keiok Cake To Me
Its For My Dream Avi
I Can Make You Art ♥

Report | 07/03/2013 8:34 am


your profile is pretty ~<3
Yeshaya Silver

Report | 12/27/2012 9:14 pm

Yeshaya Silver

Sounds perfect :3 I'll call Shaya and Abidan xD
Yeshaya Silver

Report | 12/24/2012 12:07 pm

Yeshaya Silver

I am interested indeed! but maybe with a smaller cast. 16 people was a bit much. Also I couldn't author it, I'm running two right now xD ><
Yeshaya Silver

Report | 12/24/2012 2:18 am

Yeshaya Silver


i just wandered across Abidan and Michelle in that ancient roleplay EveryoneHasSecrets and figured I would say hi.

sweet leala

Report | 01/27/2012 11:32 am

sweet leala

I love my chemical romance

Report | 01/14/2012 10:34 am


you didnt have to give me anything

Report | 01/14/2012 10:21 am


sorry let me fix the trade I messed up on the number

Report | 01/08/2012 7:51 pm


saw your status and just wanted to make sure you were alright

Report | 01/06/2012 11:06 pm


...but you can't SEE a value, can you?


I'm Kayleigh, or Candy.
I'm Atheist
I like random PM's
I do avi art sometimes if I feel like it.