Hello! Welcome to my humble of a profile. As you could probably tell I am Space Butterfly. I have been on Gaia for about 7 years now, and loved every moment. I really didn't get into Gaia till about 4 years ago when I was about 16, and really took an interest. My life isn't all the complicated, I graduated High School in the spring of 2013, and started college the next semester. I went to an online education high school, and enjoy my time there very much. I decided to switch to an online program after I moved our of state and the school system was really not to well. After that I decided to go to an online college, also due to the fact 4 years online equals 2 semesters in traditional. I am currently going for a degree to become an accountant, and get my CPA Certificate. Other than that there isn't much interesting about me.


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deVaugn Report | 07/16/2014 6:26 pm
thanks for the purchase 3nodding
Psalty Report | 07/16/2014 4:33 am
thank you cutie biggrin
Heavenly Traveler Report | 07/10/2014 10:43 am
Heavenly Traveler
Thank you so much for purchase! Kawaii avi, :3
o GHX o Report | 07/10/2014 9:31 am
o GHX o
Thank you for the purchase. Come back later too! wink
Franca Laura Report | 06/03/2014 6:36 pm
Franca Laura
Thanks Space Butterfly
Piercing Sirens Report | 06/02/2014 6:06 pm
Piercing Sirens
lol ok, thanks man
Piercing Sirens Report | 06/02/2014 5:55 pm
Piercing Sirens
hi, im sorry but do you mind donating to me whee
anything helps, any gold or item you dont need.
please and thank you
oh and have a wonderful day/night heart
Moesus Report | 06/02/2014 6:58 am
thank you so much 3nodding
void ab initio Report | 05/21/2014 6:35 am
void ab initio
I am done. I am giving away my extras in the Chatterbox. Good luck to you!
void ab initio Report | 05/21/2014 6:32 am
void ab initio
Hey! I completed the mood bubbles! Thanks for the tip. They are 30 all in all, right?

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