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Hey there, You're welcome to PM me fair offers for the items I put up or possible trades for anything on my Wishlist of equal value of course. Only serious offer please I am not giving anything away or in the mood to cut you a huge deal out of the kindness of my heart.


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Soup Dumpling Report | 04/08/2014 8:01 pm
Soup Dumpling
I apologize again that I haven't done the art yet. Changing the terms of the deal: I'm going to do it for free because time was part of my end of the deal, but because I have a lot on my plate now, I'm not sure when you will have it in hand.
Remy LeBeau 1982 Report | 04/05/2014 12:10 am
Remy LeBeau 1982
-waves- hi soy saw you online and decided to say hello before I logged off emotion_hug
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/03/2014 4:35 pm
It was total fun!! Even though her AC was out. xd We played Xbox, drank a little bit, and made steaks at 2am, lol.
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/02/2014 8:45 pm
Well I am off now, have a good night and I shall spam you later!!!! xp
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/02/2014 8:38 pm
thank you for your approval. mrgreen it should be a fun night, its even cool enough outside to have the windows open. I'm pretty excited.
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/02/2014 8:32 pm
oh yeasss, I am that awesome!!!!! xd
we are just going to her house to play a little xbox and have a few beers.
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/02/2014 8:28 pm
Lol, I am too!!! I am talking on the phone and waiting for my friend to come pick me up. :3
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/02/2014 8:18 pm
What are you up to??
-Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA- Report | 04/02/2014 8:11 pm
The Handsome Mr-X Report | 04/01/2014 8:30 am
The Handsome Mr-X
No problem, ma'am~
[NPC] Stein