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Report | 12/26/2014 10:37 am


They "updated" it to Voltorb Flip because concerned parents in Europe didn't like the thought of minors playing gambling games in a children's game. Their Sinnoh games had this instead and the international release of HGSS got Voltorb Flip because why not? That's also why Gen V did not have it either.
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Report | 12/26/2014 2:08 am


By the sounds of things, you've started playing HGSS
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Report | 12/25/2014 5:27 pm

Sundae Mornings

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
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Report | 12/24/2014 2:48 pm


Psst 10203
And we are on the Mopad also brainstorming
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Report | 12/23/2014 1:33 pm


Tbh I thought it would be a troll dad
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Report | 12/21/2014 8:19 pm


wot m8.
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Report | 12/21/2014 8:51 am

Stephany Uchiha

Pretty avi Soundless
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Report | 12/17/2014 8:19 pm

Aumara Eptoinel

wait what. are u ok m8
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Report | 12/16/2014 11:57 am

Tsukimiya Rin

Psssssssst. d***o
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Report | 12/14/2014 2:33 pm


ty ;c ;
and ye its supah gangsta.
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Report | 12/10/2014 7:33 pm


Haha, well I've been an Arena regular for this past year. I'll be in the arenas for a while…at least until I exhaust all my ideas.

Aww…poor twinny. You're missing out
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Report | 12/10/2014 6:59 pm


I see. Well glad to se other WGers in the arenas aside from Sagey, Rii, Houkie, and I.

I've been a Pokémon nut for years. I don't think there isn't a single generation of Pokémon games I haven't played.
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Report | 12/08/2014 1:15 pm


Oh, you're part of that ORAS group? I wasn't aware there was one until I looked at this week's entries. I just entered that Zinnia cosplay on a whim.

Nah, but it looks pretty good. Winnona is pretty hard and I considered making one of her too, but it is still a work in progress.
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Report | 12/05/2014 7:23 pm

Just Tzazon

Oh my god bruh, damn the memories.
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Report | 12/02/2014 10:43 am

Inu Ruu

Thank you~ heart mrgreen
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Report | 11/28/2014 5:41 pm

Stephany Uchiha

ahhhh it was so-so. Just stayed home. At a hotel now in Iowa. Gonna show rabbits tomorrow lol
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Report | 11/28/2014 5:36 pm

Stephany Uchiha

How was your Thanksgiving?
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Report | 11/23/2014 7:30 am

Stephany Uchiha

like to meet in towns
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Report | 11/20/2014 4:45 pm

Stephany Uchiha

lol its okay! And we could just experiment if you want. Idk who you would like to be :3
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Report | 11/20/2014 3:46 pm

Stephany Uchiha

Hey how are you?
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