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crystal summer and the other OC's are made by me.

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Full name: Crystal Summer
Race: Human
Sexuality : straight
Date of birth: September 15th
Siblings : none
Gender : Female
Relationship : Jaden Hart

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:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Description ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Crystal her hair, is a golden blond color, and holds a few sandy colored strands of hair,she usually wears it tied together with a simple ribbon it reaches just below her waist, and holds a gentle curl.
her eyes are a ocean blue color, yet when she is determined and angry, it changes to a deep blue color.

her lips, hold a natural pink color, though some people guess she wears make-up, she ignores their ideas on that, the blush on her cheeks, is also a natural effect.

Her skin usually holds the scent of her favorite perfume, a gentle rose scent, mixed with the scent of the ocean, fresh and and not too strong.
The only scar visible, is on her ankle, after a accident in her childhood, this is the only evidence it shows.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Personality :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
she can be a bit shy sometimes, but once she trusts someone, she shows a completely different side, for her friends, she would go through hell and back, she sometimes neglects her own wants and needs, to help those who need it, her friends sometimes have to corner her, and tell her that she needs to relax a bit, even than she can be stubborn, and still tries to help a bit, with the result, that if she needs to relax, Patrick makes sure she keeps her promise, which sometimes means, that he has to guide her through the day, to make sure she does relax.

Once she stands in battle, she takes things serious, there is no way, that she steps back for anything,she fights her enemy, without getting distracted, yet when the battle turns personal, she wont hold back on comment either, she doesn’t care how strong the man before her is, she says what she thinks.
There is only one enemy, that can her heart skip a beat, out of fear, he was the reason that her connection with her parents, is as it is now, he broke down her world, in one single night, yet still he tries to contact her, or send a simple warning, that she keeps the events of that night to herself, not even her uncle jarred, knows what has happened, though the first time that she witnessed the way he punishes those who get in his way, she could not rest for two weeks.

Crystal is often found in town, to keep the children company, as their parents work, the children usually talk to her, like she is their older sibling, the things she loves the most, she shares with those she loves.

When receiving a present, she can be a bit harsh, she rather sees her loved once happy, then receive a gift, with a lot of trouble, kayan, mike and Patrick, gave her the sword, that she received on the day she made her vow, sometimes they are able to surprise her with a small gift, she often rejects, yet when they play on her soft side, they win the conversation, and crystal ends up holding the gift in her hands.

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::::::::::::::::::::::::: Extra Information:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Crystal has her own personal space, in the royal garden, when the weather allows, she spends her time there, with a stone arch, carved out of the wall, she has a view on the ocean.

The only two family members, that support her choice to follow kayan, are her grandmother Jenna, and her uncle jarred, they often try to spoil her a bit, yet they know, when she says no, she means no.

Her comments and ways of dealing personally with an enemy, are the effects of being close to Duncan, he treats her like a younger sister, yet he sometimes forgets to watch his words, though her friends don’t mind, that she knows what to say if things get personal.

She doesn’t get angry fast, yet when she is angry, she wont stay nice and polite, her mother is her biggest enemy on that point, she tries to persuade her daughter, into following the man, who destroyed her life, with a single offer of money and a social status.

::::::::::::::::::::::: Like & Dislike :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

like: crystal likes flowers especially roses, her favorite color when it comes to roses, is a simple white color, she loves to help her personal maid/ friend, in the kitchen, they usually bake sweets and sometimes they prepare dinner together, before crystal goes to bed, both of them enjoy to talk about things they did, this always is done with a nice cup of green tea, and fresh baked sweets.

Dislike: she isn't capable of hating someone, yet if you betrayed her, or the royal family, she cant forgive you, she dislikes those, who gained their social status, thanks to their betrayal, towards their family, or the royal family, those who think they are everything, those who say they don’t fear the enemy, yet wet their pants once they face one of those man.

:::::::::::::::::::::: A little History ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

She was found, by the towns doctor, Patrick silver, in the hall of his doctors office, during a heavy storm, the night she ran away from home.
After taking care of her, he brought her to one of his best friends, mike Johnson, the towns priest, when he arrived, he noticed jaden and Duncan, each of them soaked by the cold rain, after the three children told their story, they both pushed back the urge, of taking care of their parents harsh and cruel decision.

Yet both man calmed down, and thought of a better idea, they had noticed the pendant the children were wearing, and decided that it was for the best, to give them a new start, they rushed towards kayan rayoja, the king of this town, was studying like he did often, yet when the bell rang him out of his work, he opened the door himself, before one of the maids reached out, he was greeted by his two friends, each soaked thanks to the rain, he also noticed the three children, after the children were asleep, he heard what had happened, he had also noticed the pendants they were wearing, it was decided, the three men would raise them, and give them a loving home themselves.

And now, that the three children had grown, into three young adults, they made their vow, to protect those they love and those who had saved them from a faith worse then death.

::::::::::::::::::::: Pendant & Sword :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Crystal her pendant is oval shaped, it holds a red gem with a flame symbol inside it, once she finds herself in battle, the pendant gains a gentle glow, her eyes determent, while the rush of fire courses through her veins, the sensation is overwhelming, and can create a extra boost, so that her actions are quick and hit the goal she aimed for.

Unlike other pendants, this one has a second one, yet this one, belongs to her personal enemy, her one and only fear, this creates a connection between the two.

She carries a handmade sword, tied to her waist, the golden handle, holds a red heart shaped gem on the point, where the blade starts.

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here some fun quiz results and such from both my character her good side and her bad side, i will make 2 entries for those and labeled Dark and the other labeled Light

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