Hello....My name is Sorey. Its a pleasure to meet you.
Current Cosplay: Sorey

Sorey has brown hair, which is slightly shifted to the right. He also has green eyes and wears yellow feather earrings. His attire consists of a blue shirt with white gloves, black pants with white boots, and a large white cape that extends over his chest. His white cape was given to him by Alisha as thanks for helping her. It is said in the legends that the cape was once used by the Shepherd in the medieval ages.

Sorey's kindhearted personality shapes him into a person who cannot leave a troubled person alone. This trait becomes his flaw because, as a Shepherd, he cannot take sides, and thus, he may not participate in the war. He also must take care of his pure heart and ensure that he does not become impure. The reason for this is because, if a Shepherd becomes unclean, then a greater disaster will come upon the world. It is also shown that he has a great interest in ancient ruins and the history of the Shepherd. Because of his experience with explorations, he is able to discover many secrets and traps to the ruins. He is also rather naive about common sense because he never leaves his hometown. His naivete is based on his curiosity of new things that he never experienced beforehand. Sorey is also a bad liar, evidenced when he is questioned by Sergei in Lastonbell.


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Sorey the Shepherd