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i looked everywhere for you

Under Da Sea~!


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house in towns2

here is link to the towns2 version of my house (hopefully it works) for the people who dont like the original towns (which is where the house panel link will take you)

Towns2 Version

the little fishes and stuff will only show up if you visit the original old towns version ^^ if u cant use the old towns then here is some pics of what the fishies look like:


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gummi ship

Meet-up and Rally


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my roleplay guild for in-character kh cosplay accounts

Displaced Final Fantasy Remnants

cosplaying used to be big on gaia but now nearly everyone has quit. this is a new guild for ff cosplayers whose original groups faded away, newbies who want to get into cospalying but dont know where to start, or anyone else who is strolling around alone and looking for a place to belong. is for roleplayers/cosplayers both.

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DreamyZexy Report | 06/25/2017 1:48 pm
lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A
Kairi_Soras Light Report | 06/24/2017 6:15 am
Kairi_Soras Light
four days feel like four years... cry
Quiet Memory Report | 06/23/2017 11:59 pm
Quiet Memory
Uwa! *beams* We're flying! ^^
That' such a nice song! ; w ;
baebo Report | 06/23/2017 11:47 pm
Awww that's so cute! ; w ;
Wow, 2 years old! I would love to see pictures! :D
Crownsguard Report | 06/23/2017 6:02 pm
Love the tail, bro!
Kairi_Soras Light Report | 06/23/2017 6:07 am
Kairi_Soras Light
you come here every morning.. sad I come here every day. I see you were here, and I wonder if you even look... do you even take notice? knowing you come.. but won't say anything to me makes me feel ignored.. being ignored does bring back horrible memories. Its a torture I have lived with since you left. When will this nightmare end? and if its not going to happen.. why am I still here? if its all for nothing? I don't keep dead and empty friendships. And those are the ones who treat me like this. I am not supposed to be just a pretty accessory in anyone's friendlist or profile. sad
....these shadows again... cry I heard there were people you didn't let go of because they were truly terrible friends and that you chased after them...

they would evade you or something, and you would keep going after them..
The irony has a bitter taste. Now I'm the one chasing after you imploring a forgiveness that you mean to give to anyone else.. or rather everyone but me.

I wish you would just tell me that I'm wrong for thinking this way. cry
eliminate this shadow for me.. Riku always told you not to try and save those who don't want to be saved..
I cry out for you to save me from this uncertainty and you just watch or turn away and let the shadows eat me.
And I'm your friend. You're still my friend. I love you in spite of everything. Do you?
What am I to you? can't you tell me that?
Kairi_Soras Light Report | 06/22/2017 7:35 am
Kairi_Soras Light
come here to check and wait for me to cave and leave...
you're dead wrong. This may as well be another test of heart. In that sense, I am exactly where I was meant to be. So I'm not going to succumb to whatever is not inside my heart, and least of all, corrupt everything I stood for. I've waged war on all the Shadows I now face. I fight them every day, and hold on to the most precious memories of you, just like what you said you wanted to leave behind, and I take that... the light you left behind, to use and wear it like an armor or use it as a shield. The struggle is not easy.. but I put my faith somewhere where it is less likely to break. The shadows are strong, the shadows hurt me and they want to take me... they mean to corrupt my feelings... naturally they grip and squeeze my heart and torment me trying to convince me to turn against you. I am aware of all of this. It exists. Its there waiting for me to take it. But I'm not going to. Because I know whats true inside my heart. And I'm not going to let anything else go in and touch it. Its too precious to care and pay attention to anything else thats trying to tear me apart. I feel the pain. I acknowledge it. Its incredibly heavy, its exhausting.

one of the things you taught me is to realize that Shadows exist. And acknowledge them. I've learned to see them and distinguish each of them. Now that I know, I can. I can feel them for a bit. But then step back, and I can pick between them, and my heart. The question thats left in the air is:
"what matters more to you now?" so I see I have a choice. And I choose to hold onto you. Despite of whatever I find myself in, Despite the dark memories... they are nothing compared to what I feel for you. And thats what I'm going to hold on to. Thats what I'm going to fight for.

And its what I'm doing. And I'm gonna keep going and going until the day you return.
Kairi_Soras Light Report | 06/21/2017 4:43 pm
Kairi_Soras Light
how funny any little thing leads me to think of you... people discussed on the radio about the 15th aniversary of stuff.. and they played Hawaiian rollercoaster and talked about how idk maybe Disney or something to do with it leading to the 15th anniverasry and they talked about how that song is one of the happiest tracks in Disney movies.. and well that just led to kh and then kh led to you guys.. then they started talking about "Under the Sea" and how happy that one was.. crying that one kinda got to me more.. jeez.. I plain think of kh and Sora and Riku, and it will just lead to you guys.
Kairi_Soras Light Report | 06/21/2017 12:13 pm
Kairi_Soras Light
I'll wait. I'll just wait for the answer. Because in the end, the truth always comes out somehow... right?
theres where I'll put my faith in the meantime... I'm not going to give up hope. Not now. cry Those demons of doubt are not going to own me, while I don't know the truth.
Kairi_Soras Light Report | 06/21/2017 10:28 am
Kairi_Soras Light
Have two people that I've come to love, really abandoned me?
I don't want to believe it..
but is that even true?
I don't know. cry and I'm only going to believe the truth.
But I don't have that answer. I don't know what to believe. cry I don't know what to do. I feel so lost..

riku wrote dis for me

    Riku the Dark Pancake:
    Don't blame yourself, baby,
    for the ones you can't save.
    Measure your character
    not by the love you receive,
    but by the love that you gave.

but I can't save you
YOU have to learn to love YOURSELF
you have to stand up and say
"I don't deserve this.
this isn't my fault.
i don't have to live this way and i don't want to anymore."


- or -

if u are under 18, go here

whoever u are reading this
not just my lost friends but everyone else
people DO care about you
I care about you
but my tears won't set you free
making these links available is literally the only thing i can do to protect you
this is the best i can do
you have to believe in yourself
when they tell you this or that, dont listen
dont give up

what they say about you isn't true until you start to believe it. dont become what they say u are.
you're the only one who can make it stop
u have the power to change ur own future

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    what is kingdom hearts!?
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.ok so i keep meeting ppl who are like 'i dont know what kh is! gonk ' so here is short version.

    sora grew up on a tropical island and riku has been his boyfriend---errrr I mean... best friend that he occasionally holds hands with... rolleyes since they were little kids. sora is short and skinny and dumb and lazy. riku is bigger and stronger and smarter and faster and better at everything.

    but altho riku is stronger physically, sora has a stronger heart, so riku gets jealous of him and goes off and does a bunch of stupid stuff and gets himself in trouble.

    sora goes on a quest to find him and save him so after that riku is like, 'i say, king mickey, that dude is the bestest friend i ever had' and goes off and does a bunch of stupid stuff and gets himself in trouble.

    sora goes on a quest to find him and they are finally reunited and live happily ever after until the next game where they get separated and have to go on a quest to find each other. they develop a bond that is so powerful their destinies become intertwined. as long as they are together, they're happy. in KH1, sora had the chance to go home but refused to go back without riku. in 365/2 Days, riku had the chance to go home but he refused to go back without sora. in KH2, they ended up trapped in the realm of darkness cut off from their home & all their friends, but were content to stay there forever as long as they had each other.

    then riku cuts his hair off and stops being an idiot. the end.

    and some other stuff happens but it's not important.

      Riku the Dark Pancake
      I noticed you casually left out the parts where Sora does a bunch of stupid stuff and has to be rescued by Riku for a change.

    d-don't listen to him, eh-heh-heh-heh.... :'D

    User Image

    why do u have wings!?
    there is actually an explanation for this for ppl who are interested---

    riku the dark pancake has been blindfolded riku since he made his account in 2007 (gaia didn't even HAVE a black blindfold then lol). he wanted me to play sora for him so i was like k, but the problem is during the part where riku looks like that, sora is asleep.

    if you want the exact details on how/why sora
    is asleep while riku is blindfolded, clicky below:
    at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1, riku/sora get separated.

    in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories sora is trying to find riku. marluxia is trying to take over Organization XIII and he wants to use the keyblade to do it, but he can't because it chooses its own master. sora has a keyblade so marluxia lures him into Castle Oblivion and forces namine to tamper with sora's memory, so that sora will do what marluxia wants him to do. sora forgives namine, so in return, she decides to put his memory back to the way it was before she messed it up. in order to do that, she has to put sora to sleep.

    in Kingdom Hearts: 365/2 Days, namine isn't able to fix sora's memories because they got stuck inside of roxas. in order to get sora's memories back so sora can wake up, riku has to fight roxas, which is a battle he knows he can't win. this is the part of the story where riku wears his blindfold. sora stays unconscious for 1 year while all this is happening.

    when namine fixes his memory, he wakes up in Kingdom Hearts 2 and forgets everything that happened between Kh1 and Kh2.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    everything on gaia is a weird dream sora is having while he's asleep in 365/2 Days. in Nightmare on Elm Street 3 there is a girl who can pull people into her dreams, and we just stole that idea cuz I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT WHEN I WAS A KID!! so if u interact with my sora, you're actually asleep and he pulled you into his messed up 365/2 Days dream. so that's why my avatar has wings and also that makes it fine for multiple people to have the same character on gaia, etc, because it's a dream and dreams don't make sense.

    in Dream Drop Distance riku actually does go inside of sora's dreams so this actually isn't that far-fetched. rofl

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    real life
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.this is an rp account. that means if you talk to me in-character then i'll answer in-character. but it's also my main account, so, if people don't RP then i'll talk to you normally also. i originally only made this character because riku the dark pancake wanted me to play sora for him, but i decided to keep it on as my main account because:
    i used to pick characters whose personality was close to my own, but right now i'm working hard to improve myself, and found it was better to pick a character who is what i want to be so that playing that character helps me achieve that goal.

    additionally, i'm actually transgendered in real life. i'm built like sora. i'm really small and skinny. it used to bother me a lot, but there's nothing i can do about it. "normal" people don't understand that the operation is really expensive, really dangerous, and i would have to travel to another state to have it done, which i can't afford to do and i will never, ever get on a plane as long as i live (they terrify me). other guys are not expected to go through such sacrifices just to earn the privilege of being called he/him/his, and i do not feel i should have to either, especially when it is not possible for my situation. if you cannot accept me for who i really am, then please just do not talk to me at all.

    i do love merpeople. if i had the chance i'd become one and stay in the water forever. but the real reason i have Atlantica sora as my avatar permanently is because in this form, his hips are enormous!! and it makes me feel better about myself because that's a part of myself i'm really self-conscious about. also, it is really hard to tell a male dolphin apart from a female dolphin, they both just have a line there and the male keeps all his stuff hidden inside. that's the way i see myself because you can't see what i really am on the outside either. it's all inside.

    sora's personality helps me to become what i would like to be, and physically he helps me accept what i already am. i want to stop hating myself. i want to be happy and love everything and be friends with everybody i see.

    also, sora/riku's relationship to each other is special to me & Pancake because it's similar to what we have gone through together in real life, but i don't want to get into that. if u played kh1 then u know riku was not always very nice to sora, but in 365/2 Days he's trying to change that and make things be ok again. that's all i will say about it.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    i'm 29. i'm not a yaoi fangirl, i'm a gay guy. i don't have a job in real life because i am not able to work--- i do not wish to talk about it, please. sad i have problems with severe chronic depression and i'm actively making an effort to fight back against that. i dont like to talk about things that make me sad or angry.

    i'm usually on gaia every day because i'm here for various reasons, and some of those reasons are important to me.

    comments make my day. emotion_kirakira i accept random friend requests, but i go back later and remove people who never talk to me when it starts becoming a hassle to find my real friends on my friend list when i send gifts/etc. 3nodding

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    stuffs i draw
    i don't use dckingdomhearts anymore, my new da is

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it's not about the items, the money, or the popularity. the spirit of gaia is the people we meet and the memories we make!

adventures in towns updated 5.30.2017

adventures in forums updated 5.18.2017

adventures in zomg

memorable profile comments updated 6.4.2017

st patricks day 2017

april fool's day 2017


miscellaneous screenshots updated 6.4.2017

my favorite kh moments 6.11.2017

Daddy Dragon and Baby Dragon

DDD intro + pause button = good times updated 5.3.2017

pancake & wings play kh updated 6.7.2017

the story of my g-blade added 5.27.2017

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thank youuuuuuu!!!

User Image

    The Fluffy Cheebit
    Thanks for making my day <3 I love KH.

    Ranae Izumi
    Holy s**t! That's awesome dude. You're a really good artist. o.o

    I am in love with everything on your profile, including your avatar. heart

    I love Kingdom Hearts! Your avi is awesome. c:

    I love your KH cosplay. whee

    honestly, your profile is the most entertaining thing on my friends list. it's like a disney park with lots to look at.

    Xx Satanically YoursXx
    your bubbly personality is awesome!! and your art is amazing, I also love kingdom hearts!!

    Clara Rosalie Elias
    ((Hello there~ I just wanted to pop in and tell you how adorable your avi is!! I loved when Sora was in Atlantica!! He looked so adorable!

    Your profile is top notch~ Excellent job!))

    Alois Trancy 22
    i love your profile and kingdom hearts you are awesome (random post complete)

    Oh dang your Sora account looks cccoool!

    Aqua the Wayfinder
    I love your profile and pretty much everything you wrote there ^^
    it sends me nostalgia of when Gaia had seen the better days.. we need more kh/ff people like you.
    keep your light strong my friend. the little I've read here and in the guild makes me smile. Don't ever change.
    : )

    cherry blossom heart
    your an amazing artist and ilove your profile biggrin

    I did a quick avatar art of you on my computer with just the base colors XD theres no shadowing added to it but here is the link i hope you like it :3

    Kairi_Soras Light
    *hugs* <3 we make differences in each other's worlds Sora. You wanted to make a difference, use your heart. And look, you're already doing it. Both you and Riku.
    You change my world. You two are my heroes. :')

    Kairi's Journal Gift

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be the change you want to see in the world

hover ur mouse to pop my bubbles!
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you are a part of this world for a reason
otherwise you wouldnt be in it

every time you interact with someone else
everything you do
everything you say
becomes a part of that persons life
and the memories they have
that make them who they are

you are a necessary part of the destiny of everyone around you

you are important

and you are exactly
where you are meant to be.

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the headers look like spoons. one you see the spoons you cannot unsee the spoons.

i made this layout. these forum threads were super helpful:

Learn How To Code V2 Current ProfilesUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Current V2 Profile Tags Basic Coding

the crappy fanarts are mine. the rest is official screenshots. i edited them with photoshop and windows movie maker.

i made the animated gifs with this website:

Video to Animated GIF Converter

the youtube person who has the high-quality kh clips that i used is here:


the lil keyblade cursor came from here:

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this is my Riku. he's mine.

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i joined on LEAP DAY isnt that AWESOME!?