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Questing for bubble pop

i really want the astra sugar crystal poppy bubbles item!! i have the money for it but there are no listings!! ;n;

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gummi ship

Meet-up and Rally

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nice to meet you!!

be nice to me and i'll be nice to you! 4laugh

sometimes i forget ppl's usernames. PLEASE dont get mad if i forget who u are, i'm really sorry! crying

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Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 3:20 pm
Riku the Dark Pancake
-grabs you and hugs really right-
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 3:04 pm
Riku the Dark Pancake
No, don't worry about it. The only part that bothers me is the fact that it bothers me.
I get mad at myself for having anxiety problems and feeling like people are always
challenging me every time they respond to me.
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 2:57 pm
Riku the Dark Pancake
No, forget it. I can't decide if I like this hair or not. It looks more accurate but it's kinda....
I don't know, maybe it would look better without the Heartless.
Colopher Report | 03/26/2017 1:54 pm
lmao im sorry. i love how you made sora into merman from when he was in little mermaid world. from the first the game.... it took me like 5 days straight to be Ansem tho. i wouldnt sleep. i rememeber that.
ugh it was terrible lol
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 8:58 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
It annoys me when you're trying to do something that you know is right and you have a whole bunch of idiots teaming up
against you to try and tell you that you're wrong because you're really the only person who cares about/reads the rules at
all and everyone else goes by a "if you don't get caught then it's okay" attitude, but the second you break some rule by
accident without meaning to, bam! Moderator comes PM'ing you with "Please read the ToS before playing" etc.
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 8:20 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
-runs away with you-
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 8:10 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
Quick! No time to explain! Get in the box!
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 7:53 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
-dropkicks the basket over a hill-
No, everything's fine.
-pulls you into my lap-
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 7:47 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
Does it look okay?
-casually punts people-
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 03/26/2017 7:33 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
-casually clings to you for a while-

what is kingdom hearts?

ok so i keep meeting ppl who are like 'i dont know what kh is! gonk ' so here is short version.

in kh1, sora is 14 and he's like really small and skinny and dippy and easily distracted. riku is 15 and is big and strong and smart and confident. they live on an island and they're best friends. in kh2 sora is 15 and riku is 16.

but riku is jealous of sora because even though riku is bigger/stronger/smarter, sora has a stronger heart, so riku goes off and does a bunch of stupid stuff and gets himself in trouble.

sora goes on a quest to find him and save him so after that riku is like, 'i say, king mickey, that dude is the bestest friend i ever had' and when something happens to sora, in order to protect him riku goes off and does a bunch of stupid stuff and gets himself in trouble.

sora goes on a quest to find him AGAIN and they are finally reunited and they make up and fix everything and live happily ever after. they develop a bond that is so powerful their destinies become intertwined with each other.

and some other stuff happens but it's not important.

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oh and sora's not really a mermaid. kh is a crossover between disney and square enix and he gets his dolphin tail when he visits the world of The Little Mermaid.

also riku's not blind and his eyes are really pretty when he's not wearing his blindfold.

About Me

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User Imagewhat is this "reality" you speak of and do they have cream-filled oatmeal raisin sandwich cookies there?

i'm 29 and my roleplay character is 15. IT'S NOT WEIRD! gonk im not a yaoi fangirl, im a gay guy. in real life i'm 5'3 and weigh 105lbs and all other men my age could snort me up their nose so the story of tiny little sora and his powerful keyblade made me all warm and fuzzy inside. T.T

also i know i got a little carried away with the animated gifs... i was gonna put normal still pictures up but then i found this gif maker thing and was so excited because i didn't have to manually put in every single frame one at a time with photoshop anymore that i went a little nuts. also watching merpeople swim is really soothing and relaxing for me. i used to waste time for hours at atlantica in kh1 just swimming around, lol. so for those who wonder, nope, i dont cosplay the other outfits. since riku actually changes his av now and then i put him all over my pro instead lolololol.

thanks for visiting!

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Jiminy's Journal

i have too much stuff on my profile so i decided to make a journal because GAAAAAME REFEREEENNNNNCEEE!!!!1 c:

the story of my keyblade

gaia_angelleft gaia_crown gaia_angelright

let me tell u about my g-blade.

how i got it
i stayed up all night playing the 2007 halloween event as soon as it started, winning the special items and selling them right away. i made 50k gold in one night. back then, that was the price of the g-blade, so i bought it and it was my first expensive item on gaia. by morning, the price of the '07 halloween items dropped dramatically and became nearly worthless. ive never been that lucky before!

we also had dial-up internet back then and that night once held the record for the highest number of people online at the same time. talk about lag!

how i lost it
LittleKadaj is the second account i made on gaia back in 2007 and i really really really wanted the ancient katana item for him. there were not very many weapon items at all back then and only a few swords, and that was the only katana. its normal buy price was 150k and rising, which at that time was a staggering, elite amount of gold. only the richest people could buy items that expensive. 10k gold was something that would take about a week to save up if you tried really hard.
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my primary source of income was bumping in the forums or doing puzzles because the other mini-games like booty grab/zomg/lake kindred/etc hadn't been invented yet (it was a quiet, simple time in 2007). i thought i would never get that stupid sword. the more i saved, the higher the price went. i know it's silly to get so worked up over a virtual item but i went pretty nuts over it. i wanted it so bad!!

back then, the g-blade was the first and only kingdom hearts-themed item on gaia, THE keyblade, the thing to have if you wanted a kh avatar. i didn't really want to part with it, but i couldnt make enough money to buy that katana without selling it. the price was rising faster than i could earn gold. reluctantly, i put my g-blade in the mp as the 5th or 6th lowest listing, not the cheapest/top of the list, because i didn't really want to get rid of it. it made me sad to give up the other things i wanted just to have that one katana item. :c

how i got it back
this was back before gaia started taking all these safety measures to counter hacking and they didn't have the thing that tells you who bought stuff in your store. even though mine was halfway up the listings, someone bought my g-blade for nearly twice the mp value, and then gifted it back to me anonymously so i could buy my katana and still keep my g-blade too.

it was one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me on gaia, but i never found out who did it. so since that day, i have never sold my g-blade again (and i did get the katana btw and LittleKadaj is still wearing it today). this item on my avatar is the same one i had back then. i don't care what the value of it is, or if there are better keyblade items around now. i care about the person who cared about me back then. thank you, whoever you were. heart

User Imagehow someone tried to steal it
another story about my g-blade (it has quite a history!) is the day someone tried to steal it from me. i was strolling around towns with it and someone rushed up to me and was all like, "sora go check your PM's! it's really important, go look!" they kept going on like that until i finally looked.

i brought up my mailbox and i had this email going on about, "your account has been reported, please send us your email and password," which is, of course, a silly scam AND IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT KIND OF STUFF WAS A SCAM THEN MAKE SURE YOU DON'T FALL FOR IT GUYS!! moderators/etc don't ask for your password because they don't need your password, they can access your account without it!

i went back to the guy in towns and said "nice try but you're not getting my keyblade" and then just reported the pm and life went on.

i also got tons of comments from people wanting to buy it off me for cheap or wanting me to just give it to them. everybody wants to get their hands on it, am i right!? gaia_kittenstar

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    The Fluffy Cheebit
    Thanks for making my day <3 I love KH.

    Ranae Izumi
    Holy s**t! That's awesome dude. You're a really good artist. o.o

    I am in love with everything on your profile, including your avatar. heart

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be the change you want to see in the world

questing so hard for Astra: Sugar Crystal BubblePop
i have the money but it's always unlisted
if anyone catches a listing for it and could resell it to me for whatever they paid that would be so awesome!


you are a part of this world for a reason
otherwise you wouldnt be in it

every time you interact with someone else
everything you do
everything you say
becomes a part of that persons life
and the memories they have
that make them who they are

you are a necessary part of the destiny of everyone around you

you are important

and you are exactly
where you are meant to be.

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Profile info

the headers look like spoons. one you see the spoons you cannot unsee the spoons.

i made this layout. these forum threads were super helpful:

Learn How To Code V2 Current Profiles

Current V2 Profile Tags Basic Coding

the drawing at the top is mine and it is the only fanart here. all other images are all official square enix/disney artwork/screenshots. i edited them with photoshop and windows movie maker.

i made the animated gifs with this website:

Video to Animated GIF Converter

the youtube person who has the high-quality kh clips that i used is here:


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this is my Riku. he's mine.

i joined on LEAP DAY! isn't that AWESOME!?