Hi friends or other people i do not know, I am Sora-Silver, I am the Twilight form of Sora; I am a huge Kingdom hearts fan, and i have played all the games.

To learn even more about me continued to read down my profile...

Birthday Nov 24

Career: Graphic Designer

~Favortie Couples~

Soriku >O< "They are so cute together"

Shuichi and Yuki ^^ "The are so Adorable, i lov them so much"

Favorite Anime's of all time: Pandora Hearts and Junjo Romantica

Currently i am watching: Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recs and The Big Bang theory

I am on gaia at least once a day, if not more. I tend to be very hyper so sorry its my personality, I can be serious at time >O< but who wants that xD

Favorite Animes/T.V shows: Pandora Hearts, Junjo Romantica, Gravitation, Shugo Chara, Letter Bee, Spiral, Strike Witches,Panda z, Dot Hack, Pokemon diamond and pearl, elemental gelade, doramon, spirited away, Totoro, Digimon ,Invader Zim and etc... Once Upon a Time Office, The Big Bang Theory,Community, hells Kitchen,Shark Tank, Parks and Recs Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Matrix's, and star wars the clone wars, and the muppet show

STAR WARS o.o I worship the ground it lands upon xD..... Huge fan

O.O oh and my favorite Tv shows of all time is the Office and Big Bang Theory ... Best shows ever...

ViViD, Miyavi, LM.C, SIAM SHADE, Antic Cafe, Irokui , SuG, Kra,

Adam Lambert, Lindsey Stirling, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach,Rob Zombie, Korn, Disturbed, Shine Down, Trapt, Dub Fx, Breaking Benjamin, Lady Gaga, Jay Sean, Eminem, , AFI, Thousand Foot Klutch, Linkin park, Incubus Three days of grace, Fort Minor, Lucky boys confusion, Skillet, Red JumpSuit, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Crossfade, Fall out Boys, and ect....

I Love the band called Vivid, the lead Guitarist is so adorable and his Guiatr playing ~faints~

Lov U Reno. I made a wallpaper all about his cutest ^^

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, RPGing, Reading manga, Playing video games, Making Amv's and Baking ( I love baking cakes cookies and decorating them.)

Favorite Video game: I have played every KH games several times, I lov those games to no end, Animal Crossing New leaf, harvest moon games, Dot hack GU series, Okage, Final fantasy, Fable, Pokemon, and star wars BattleFront 1, and Mass Effects 2


I make Kingdom Hearts Amv's and Hook from Once upon a time

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Below are some of the art work by my friends, the rest has been moved to my journal, xD it was getting too big, so please feel free to view their art in my journal

Link to my journal
Quick link to my Journal with Art

Art done by cutesu: From s-w-e-e-t-cafe-art-shop

Art done by cutesu: Of Myself and my friend Shadow

Art done by Habiti Gigi

Art by my dear friend Starstruck

Art By my best buddy Aiji

Art by Sylviera


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Sora-silvers stuff xD

Kingdom hearts and Art ^O^

Kingdom hearts and lots of of it... ^O^ It also Now includes all of the art from my friends



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Doc Arkham

Report | 11/24/2014 5:01 am

Doc Arkham

Happy Birthday Hun!
Painful Passion

Report | 09/29/2014 4:45 pm

Painful Passion

RaWR! Hello Sora!
How are you? :3
o0 -Karii- 0o

Report | 09/25/2014 11:35 am

o0 -Karii- 0o

Heyyyy!!!!! Long time no talk! I'm finally back from my 3 year hiatus/sabbatical whatever you wanna call it! How have you been?
Doc Arkham

Report | 09/23/2014 8:04 pm

Doc Arkham

Thank you Sora biggrin You should get a bottle too
Doc Arkham

Report | 09/15/2014 8:55 am

Doc Arkham

Rawr! Hey buddy!
Doc Arkham

Report | 08/17/2014 5:03 pm

Doc Arkham

Hehe <3 So are you as excited as I am?
Doc Arkham

Report | 08/17/2014 3:53 pm

Doc Arkham

you can't have them because I'm not wearing any
Doc Arkham

Report | 07/31/2014 4:58 pm

Doc Arkham

I'm like a little Sora animal
Doc Arkham

Report | 07/31/2014 4:57 pm

Doc Arkham

Hey you biggrin

Report | 07/26/2014 7:54 pm


yey!, I love that item too, I have a bunch of the pink ones and I saw you wanted a white one so woo!


Art done by : Doc Arkham My best friend Forever and Ever smilies/icon_heart.gif