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Little Miss Space Prince Report | 04/15/2015 7:14 am
Little Miss Space Prince
gaia_angelleft Yay its a gallery! gaia_angelright
Little Miss Space Prince Report | 04/15/2015 3:07 am
Little Miss Space Prince
heart I feel so special, my art is on your page heart
Curio Mermaid Report | 04/14/2015 1:41 pm
Curio Mermaid
awesome new art. congrats!
Inflatable Mattress Report | 03/18/2015 3:38 am
Inflatable Mattress
Well you'd need a good computer to run it first. : p Do you have one?
Inflatable Mattress Report | 03/18/2015 12:32 am
Inflatable Mattress
PC of course. The only way to play games. Everything else is below it. D<
Inflatable Mattress Report | 03/17/2015 3:19 am
Inflatable Mattress
Ya know what...when I have gaming downtime. I'm totes gonna do it. I just have to see what new mods are out there to make Skyrim look prettier before I do. 3nodding
Inflatable Mattress Report | 03/16/2015 11:49 pm
Inflatable Mattress
It does! I usually play RPG games in my comfort zone, but I think I'd be willing to try Skyrim (at least) out of it. Just to get a taste of raw magic power. >D
Inflatable Mattress Report | 03/16/2015 4:37 pm
Inflatable Mattress
I don't know how much I have on mine...I could check, but I'm going through old photos and deleting a bunch right now. So many photos to go through. emotion_zzz
Inflatable Mattress Report | 03/16/2015 2:53 pm
Inflatable Mattress
I have mods so I don't have to worry about gold. There's one that gives merchants an ACTUAL amount of gold instead of some peasant number like a couple hundred. I love mods. Keeps Skyrim awesome. biggrin
Inflatable Mattress Report | 03/16/2015 2:38 pm
Inflatable Mattress
I think if I ever start Skyrim again, I'll make someone out of my comfort zone and try a magic person. 3nodding I'll do my best to STAY a magic person too. I'll also stay a swinging bachelor. cool Lydia will be my bang bang partner. Awww yeah.