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Birthday: 10/20/1991

Occupation: Student

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Quinn • 23 • USA
I'm anime trash wassuuup


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[x] I love art omg I will buy beautiful art from you no joke
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MissCattitude Report | 03/28/2015 12:22 am
Thanks for the help ^-^ I was thinking of using foam...I'll look through some more tutorials :3 For my third cosplay i was thinking either Honey Lemon, genderbent Joker or Crona from Soul Eater. Or, i could be Tsukimi again 3nodding
MissCattitude Report | 03/22/2015 2:38 pm
Yeah, If you want to that would be really cool to match biggrin My friend is going to be Yukine on the same day that I'm Nora. I really want to be Nora but, I want to make the cosplay and I'm not sure how It's gonna turn out .-. Wow, That looks like a cool cosplay :3 This is a Winter Soldier cosplay i found: so, maybe something like that. 3nodding Not sure how I'm going to make the arm, haha
MissCattitude Report | 03/20/2015 2:07 am
I'm planning on cosplaying as genderbent Winter Soldier one day and also Nora from Noragami another day biggrin I want to cosplay as one more person because I'm going for all 3 days but, I'm not sure who else i want to cosplay as...I have a whole list of characters i want to cosplay as so, It's hard to choose cx Are you planning a cosplay for sabakon ?
MissCattitude Report | 03/18/2015 1:10 pm
Oh, yay. We're both going to Sabakon ^-^ Have fun at Hanadoki. I'm really excited for Sabakon. I'm starting to plan my cosplays :3
MissCattitude Report | 03/15/2015 1:30 pm
I'm planning on going to Sabakon! Are you going? :3
MissCattitude Report | 03/15/2015 12:23 am
Nice to meet you too ^-^ And, yeees. i live in Vegas. Thank you for the gifts!! cat_whee heart
MissCattitude Report | 03/14/2015 1:45 pm
Hi, Quinn. My name is Kayla smile I just made my Gaia less than a month ago, haha. I like your avatar ^-^
amaterumi Report | 02/26/2015 12:09 am
I don't even remember Slingblade ;; and I hardly knew Sess and Al. The only others ones that I have fond memories of/even remember are... NJ and Takamie(sp?). Everything else is a blur...

lol so this kind of connects back to crunchyroll now. I met a friend on CR, and we decided to draw together on a paintchat, where other people came in and we became a group. One of them was Tsuna, who was irl friends was Erin. We were all talking and the topic of digimon came up, and the topic somehow shifted to MZ and the tagboards and voila, dots connected.
amaterumi Report | 02/25/2015 12:59 pm
tyy lol. Wasn't Neo... our age when we met him? I bet he's all grown up and married now u-u. MT tho! She was always so nice to talk to... I lost all contact with her ;-; I hope they're doing okay.

Oh hey, do you vaguely remember "kouichifan" at all? (I'm sure there were some numbers after their name) One of my other friends I met online turned out to be friends with them irl. Small world!
amaterumi Report | 02/21/2015 8:00 pm
Uhh, gaia says I've had an account since 2005, but I honesty haven't used it at all until recently. My friends are still active on gaia and as a result I'm here too now.

Also whaat, me? lol it seems like we bump into on all the weeby sites.