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Dark Star Troia Report | 04/27/2017 1:50 pm
Dark Star Troia
Lol. No, I'm not in, but I'm about to come in and find you. ^_^
Alex Trevell Report | 03/17/2016 10:02 pm
Alex Trevell
Still having trouble?
Alex Trevell Report | 03/09/2016 10:25 pm
Alex Trevell
Definitely strange. Trying to think of what could be causing the problem.
Alex Trevell Report | 03/09/2016 10:02 pm
Alex Trevell
Hmm, that's odd...Is there anyway to move him? Maybe there's a way to make part of the foreground transparent? Spitballing here.
Alex Trevell Report | 03/09/2016 9:41 pm
Alex Trevell
Looks like stuff in the foreground is covering it up. Might need to move it to the side that entire column.
Alex Trevell Report | 03/09/2016 9:32 pm
Alex Trevell
What do you need?
xknownx Report | 06/29/2015 11:25 am
hey there beautiful soul thank you for reminding me to download that song that i havent heard in a whilee heart heart
OS Lord Dante Report | 05/29/2015 1:43 pm
OS Lord Dante
would be better, if it matched eachother xd
OS Lord Dante Report | 05/29/2015 12:05 pm
OS Lord Dante
lol, btw, hows my nakes demon style look razz
unfortunately i dont have any skin items Dx
OS Lord Dante Report | 05/29/2015 5:42 am
OS Lord Dante
ummmmmmm, i dun see it but ty for telling me the item xd
and u should go ahead and keep it up xD
i used ta do tht for the game char my names based offa, fully decked around him lol
as well as a few awesome anime/manga chars who're either kickass or just good chars in general ya'no?

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